National Cathedral: Humans react to things they don’t comprehend – Duncan Williams


President and General Overseer of Action Chapel International Ministries Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams have asserted that the criticism and backlash by many Ghanaians on the construction of the National Cathedral were highly expected, especially as it is a new project that is new to the people.

According to him, any novel activity or initiative would receive widespread condemnation and rejection, notwithstanding the project’s potential to serve a generation.

The commanding Archbishop was speaking at a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of Ghana’s first National Cathedral in Accra by President Nana Akufo-Addo.

“Everything to do with generations unborn would always create the kinds of controversy and the kinds of resistance and opposition we are facing. Not just about the national cathedral but anything new, anything that has never been done before and anything that men cannot comprehend or appreciate and understand [we] always react to it “he said.

He further charged the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the construction of the cathedral to ensure that the widespread controversy and misrepresentation around the project does not result installing the construction of the cathedral because posterity will judge and future generations would enjoy the benefits of the initiative.

The Cathedral will serve as the rallying point for the Christian community to assemble to worship, pray and to promote deep national conversations on the role of faith in nation-building.

President Nana Addo revealed that it will house a Bible Museum, and be an iconic infrastructure for national, regional and international pilgrimage and tourism.


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