Mysterious Disappearances of Three People from Kumawu within the Past Three Weeks

Very unfortunately, three people have mysteriously gone missing in Kumawu without leaving any trace. Tried as their family members, friends and the people of Kumawu had, in searching everywhere for them, their efforts have been in futility. The victims have gone missing to come back no more.

What is indeed going on in Kumawu? There are more questions to be asked than there are answers. The people disappeared in broad daylight. This is what makes the whole saga weird.

I am not here to exacerbate the emotional pain the parents, family and friends of the disappeared persons are going through. However, I am here to inform the whole country of the mysterious disappearances of people from Kumawu within the past two or three weeks in case anyone with the requisite expertise could go to the aid of the missing persons’ families to help them locate the missing persons.

On Monday, 1st July 2019, one Yaw Nyadu, a 21 year old boy, the son of Mr Kwadwo Asare, disappeared from his house in the afternoon. His house is at Domeabra, a suburb of Kumawu which is opposite the current Kumawu hospital. Kwadwo Asare named his son after his late father Opanin Kwasi Nyadu, a popular chorister at the Kumawu Presbyterian Church.

One Madam Amma Serwaah, a mother of two and about fifty years old, from Kumawu-Apebiakyere, living in a house adjacent to the Kumawu palace, thus Methodist Mama’s house, went missing about two weeks ago. As if that was not enough, on Monday, 8th July 2019, a mother who had gone to Kumawu with her child to attend a funeral encountered her worst nightmare. The funeral was held on Saturday, 6th July, 2019. She had decided to wait until Monday when the relatives of the deceased would sit as per tradition and custom, to determine the total money donations received and the cost incurred during the funeral.

On Monday, 8th July 2019, when they had finished what could be said to be funeral rites audit, thus, the relatives meeting to balance the cost and the money receipts, the woman’s twelve-year old child was nowhere to be found until today, Friday, 12th July 2019. Therefore, from 1st July 2019 to 8th July 2019, three people have gone missing from Kumawu township.

The police and the Communication Centres in Kumawu Sekyere District have all been doing what is best, and professionally, expected of them, but still the missing persons have not been found. The Kumawu people have searched the nearby bushes and forests but still there are no traces of the victims. Have they been kidnapped, and if yes, who are the kidnappers and for what reasons?

Sometime, or a few years, ago, I published an article or articles warning Kumawuman citizens against the possible disappearance of people from the locality. How people were being kidnapped and going missing from other parts of Ghana coupled with the silliness and the resort to voodooism (jujuism) by some disputants following the ongoing Kumawu chieftaincy dispute, it was normal that I had to be alarmed and then subsequently warned the inhabitants of Kumawuman.

I understand about a year ago, another woman called Yaa Akyeaah from Kumawu got missing but never found. What is going on in Kumawu? I am waiting for an answer from any knowledgeable person who has the ability to reveal the hidden secrets in these mysterious disappearances of people from Kumawu, the land of my birth.

My expression of heartfelt sympathy to all those people who have had their loved ones missing under mysterious circumstances. Additionally, my thoughts and prayers are with Madam Amma Serwaah and her family for the loss of Mr Bosomtwe, their husband, father, grandfather and relative, on Thursday, 11th July 2019.

Rockson Adofo

(Friday, 12 July 2019)