My land was looted and shared among NDC executives – Jerry Rawlings

Mr Rawlings says this in the wake of calling Mr Mahama, “a rogue”


The former military leader did not offer much details on the lands he spoke of

Former president Jerry Rawlings has spoken of how lands he secured for a project in the Volta Region were shared among NDC executives. According to the ex-president, this activity was done under John Mahama’s administration.

Mr. Rawlings was speaking at Mepe, a town in the Volta Region. For him, the inability of the president at the time (Mahama) to prevent the looting from happening makes Mr. Mahama blamable.

This accusation comes in the wake of Mr Rawlings calling John Mahama “a rogue”. It is unclear what informed that particular attack but is known Rawlings does not quite approve of John Mahama.

Rawlings has since apologised for calling Mahama “a rogue”.

The tension between the two came to public knowledge after the death of late president J.E.A. Mills. Mr Mahama won the elections of 2012 but his way of governing did not appeal to the founder of the NDC.

Since then, Mr Rawlings has launched several attacks in the way of Mr Mahama and the current crop of NDC executives and big names. This fiery relationship is seemingly opposite what Mr. Rawlings has with current president Nana Akufo Addo.

The relationship between Mr. Rawlings and Nana Akufo Addo is evidently better than any other between Rawlings and those who have led Ghana after him. This is in spite of the fact that Mr Akufo Addo is from the NDC’s biggest opponent, the New Patriotic Party.

With regards to land he mentioned, Mr Rawlings offered no other details. He only lamented how the potential for job creation was stolen away with the land.

Mr Kelly Brown

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