My Boyfriend Married Another Woman The Very Day He Came For The Marriage List From My Father – Lady Shares Sad Story

My Boyfriend Married Another Woman The Very Day He Came For The Marriage List From My Father – Lady Shares Sad Story

My Boyfriend Married Another Woman The Very Day He Came For The Marriage List From My Father – Lady Shares Sad Story

A young woman who was jilted by her boyfriend the very day he went for the marriage list from her father has shared her sad story.

Contributing to the “Married Another” series on relationship expert and writer, Abena Magis Manokekame page on Facebook, she recounted how events unfolded that particular day.

She said her boyfriend had met her father for the list for the traditional wedding ceremony as custom demands.

However, she discover later that he tied the knot with another woman based in abroad before heading to her paternal home for the list.

Read the appalling story as sighted by BrownGh.Com below:


Sister Abena, concerning the “Married Another” I have been a victim.

He married another woman the very day he came to my father to collect my List for the traditional wedding.

Apparently he went to marry the lady in the morning before coming to see my father for the list to marry me. Auntie Abena I was devastated but it didn’t break me because he wasn’t worth fighting for.

I met him when I was 19 years old. I was still in school. I introduced him to my family members. Everyone knew him. I didn’t know his mom but his brothers knew me. He was a very honest person (at least that’s what I thought) . When I met him, he told me about the numerous girls he was sleeping with at that time.

Gradually he stopped contacting all of them one after the other. I know this because I checked his phone all the time and I realized he wasn’t paying attention to them any more. We lived together for some time. He was way older (9 years older than I was).

There was this particular lady he used to chat with. He told me that she was his baby mama and she was outside the country. I never opened their chats because I trusted him. Sister this man was very good to me. Apart from his womanizing he didn’t have any flaws. He always apologized whenever we fought. He was very lovely.

I got pregnant when I was 20 and after some fights we finally agreed to keep it. He came home to my mom and everything was moving smoothly.

However the day he was supposed to meet my dad he kept so long. He was even supposed to come with his family but he came with only his friend. He came in traditional clothes but hey it was Sunday maybe he was coming from church, I thought. He spoke to my dad and took the list. I don’t live with my father so he was supposed to drop me home from my father’s place. While in his car a message popped u , it was his “baby mama” asking him if he arrived home safely. I collected his phone from him. He was driving so he couldn’t collect it back.

When he stopped the car, I opened the gate and went out. It was when I opened the chats that I realized he has gone to marry the lady outside the country oo. The lady is not even here in Ghana oh. Lol nigga wanted a chance to travel. The outside marriage didn’t scare me, I didn’t leave because of that Auntie

But I realized one thing about him, he likes kids, he likes teenagers. Once you grow up and start looking old his interest on you fades. His baby mama contacted me through Facebook, that was when she also gave the same conclusion. He likes teenagers preferable 15 to 19 years. She told me how he abandoned her only to come back when she travelled she thought he has changed but he didn’t.

Auntie he is still in Ghana as am talking to you dating SHS girls. He is 36 now. I gave birth to his baby. One time one little girl called me and warned me not to call him again. Lol me that was just collecting chop money. The girl even stalked me on Facebook. Soon he left her for a younger one. I never asked him anything about his marriage even though we stayed in contact.

I never listened to any excuses he gave. Auntie I am human too and I will seize every opportunity to travel outside, after all we all want the easiest way out of poverty but what happened to honesty? The same honesty that made me stay with him when he had other girls. People should be honest with their partners. It’s better than the lies they tell to protect their feelings.

Tell all those in this same situation I’m in that it gets better.

They shouldn’t be bitter, that will only push the man away from his child.

Besides what were we also doing getting pregnant for men who are not married to us? And we all dating does not guarantee marriage.
And before you even ask about what my father said. He was and still is a chronic womanizing. He is also into small small girls like that. He couldn’t even say anything. He believed I was suffering from the many curses ladies cursed him.

I don’t really believe in that but sometimes I am tempted to believe in it. My eldest sister and I haven’t been lucky with men oo. We are hardworking and hardly demand from men yet we are always cheated in the exact manner my father cheated ladies. But I believe we also have a hand in it. We seem not to learn from past mistakes.


Bernard Ralph Adams