Must we do politics with everything, even in these unusual times? Dela Coffie explodes


Member and Activist of the opposition National Democratic Congress, Dela Coffie is asking why of all times, some Ghanaians are deciding to politicise issues regarding donations and interventions being implemented at a time when the country and by extension, the world is struggling to combat the Coronavirus pandemic.

Following some 214 recorded cases of the COVID-19 disease in Ghana, government, political parties, non-governmental organisations, private institutions, stakeholders, individuals, churches and various groups are all, in their respective ways, contributing to the course of fighting the virus and ridding the country of it.

A COVID-19 Fund was initiated by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo with his 3-month salary donated to the Fund established to help fight the virus. Others followed suit, and subsequently, Former President donated his one-month salary to the Fund.

A move that attracted reactions from some sections who sought to compare both donations and politicise the situation.

In a post on his Facebook wall, Mr. Coffie expressed surprise at how Ghanaians were still able to attach political colours to things even when nations were suffering, lives are at stake and economies are being crippled.

While other countries seem to have put aside all differences and affiliations, joining forces to end the pandemic, Dela Coffie wonders how the mindset of some Ghanaians remain unchanged.

Expressing disappointment, he said,

“So, why would anyone of stable mind do politics with the donations made to the COVID-19 fund by former President Mahama and President Akufo-Addo? I mean, why on earth should the donations by the two statesmen be subjected to comparative analysis by partisan falcons?

Must we do politics with everything, even in these unusual times?” he quizzed.

Adding, “COVID-19 has overwhelmed the most sophisticated healthcare systems the world over, and it is wreaking havoc on people. And as regional governments stepped up measures to confront the deadly novel coronavirus pandemic, something unique is happening: Conflicts are being set aside for now as allies and foes focus on fighting a new common enemy.
But here in Ghana, we are busy politicking, and at each other’s throats over mundane matters, while the virus continues to spread.”

In a word of caution, he had this to say,

“People need to understand that #COVID19 does not care about one’s political orientation, neither does it care about your ethnicity, faction or faith. It attacks all.”

The Fund meanwhile will be managed by an independent board of trustees chaired by the immediate past Chief Justice, Sophia Akufo Addo to receive contributions and donations from the public to assist in the welfare of the needy and the vulnerable.


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