Mrs Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings is Vindicated – NDC have Never Creditably Won any Elections in Ghana


First and foremost, I convey my heartfelt condolences to Mrs Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings and her children and the entire bereaved J. J. Rawlings’ nuclear and extended families on the death of their beloved husband, father and relative, the late former President J. J. Rawlings.

Mrs Rawlings is on record to have once alleged that the NDC party which was single-handedly founded by her late husband, Flt. Lt. J. J. Rawlings, had never creditably in the political history of Ghana won any elections. Thus, all the elections they win are by resort to fraudulent means.

There is a popular adage by the Akans that goes, “Se bomokyiekyie fri nsuo ase be ka kyere wo se 3denkyem awu a, yen ngye no akyingye”, to wit, “If an aquatic animal {(bomokyikyie) type of crocodile} emerges from underwater to inform you of the death of mother crocodile, you do not dispute him”. This is because it lives under the water with mother crocodile and knows better what goes on under the water or river than you and I, terrestrial mammals.  Therefore, if the wife of a founding father of a political party comes out publicly to tell us about the prevailing secrets within the party, who are you and I to doubt her?

From recent desperate resorts to criminal activities by the NDC in the hope of winning election 2020, go to confirm exactly what Mrs Rawlings once said, thus, the NDC have never creditably won any general elections in Ghana.

Why are the NDC so infatuated with winning elections by foul means? They allegedly employ criminals to steal ballot boxes. They pay criminals to go to the polling stations of the strongholds of their political rivals to frighten off the electorates. They stuff ballot boxes with ballots already thumb-printed in their favour. They prevent the polling station agents of their rivals from supervising the voting in the NDC strongholds. And, of all the mother of rigging the elections, they arrange to have the election results figures altered in their favour so as to win the elections.

Why are the NDC so criminals to deceive Ghanaians in that preposterous manner? As of the time of writing, there is an ongoing allegation that the NDC are training and arming some criminals in Kumasi to terrorise the voters in the Ashanti region on 7 December 2020, the Election Day. Why are they alleged to have brought into the country three foreigners, Indians of course, to hack the Electoral Commission’s computers in attempts to rig the election for the NDC?

In sum, and as based on the facts or allegations above, has Mrs Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings not been vindicated by saying that the NDC have never creditably won any elections in Ghana but dubiously?

More to come from Rockson Adofo, the founding father of “Operation Dump Mahama” movement. The members of the movement are on Mahama and the NDC heels. They will be thwarted in their attempts to fraudulently win the upcoming election. Shame on greedy John Dramani Mahama and his bunch of selfish NDC crooks.

Rockson Adofo


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