Mrs Konadu Agyemang Rawlings is Vindicated for saying that the NDC have Never Genuinely Won any General Election in Ghana


When a crocodile emerges from underwater to announce the death of mother-crocodile, you don’t dispute it. This because it lives there with her. Similarly, if Mrs Agyemang Konadu Rawlings, the wife of the founding father of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), former President Jerry John Rawlings, comes out to announce to the whole world that the NDC have never genuinely won any general election in Ghana before, we should not disbelieve her. She knows exactly all that goes on within the NDC camp better than anyone else, because she is the second topmost guru and insider in the party.

From the recently unfortunate unfolding events in the country as are coming from the NDC camp, with regard to the impending election 2020, there is no gainsaying that the NDC have never genuinely won any election in Ghana but fraudulently.

Right from the very inception of the Chair of the Electoral Commission, Mrs Jean Mensah, and her outfit, announcing the urgent need for compilation of a new credible voter register for election 2020 and thereafter, when the NDC started their diabolical campaign to obstruct the implementation of any genuine strategic plan and structure to conduct free and fair elections in Ghana.

They went to the length and breadth of the country fabricating stories in attempts to woo Ghanaians to their opposing side. However, as they tried to throw dust into people’s eyes, their hardest was not enough. They failed to achieve their deceitful objective.

They had decided to resort to kidnapping, murdering and/or insulting some innocent Ghanaians and dignitaries as well as causing arsons in the country. By this, they wanted to cause insecurity in the country thereby making the country ungovernable for His Excellency the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, and his NPP government.

Their main aim is to turn the electorate against the president and his government so as to get Ghanaians to vote them out to bring the NDC back to power. Look how diabolic they are!

The Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo’s secretly recorded audio on his meeting held in seclusion with the NDC communicators in Accra, amply proves Mrs Agyemang Konadu Rawlings right with her assertion.

To cut a long story short, the NDC through Kwame Appiah Stadium, that lazy NDC bigot, criminal and political prostitute, residing in Kumasi, and that Ejisu nutter called Yamoah Ponko, have plotted to win election 2020 by embarking on “agenda spoil ballots in Ashanti region”, the stronghold cum “world bank” of the NPP.

They have hatched a well advanced plot to extensively destroy ballots cast in NPP strongholds throughout Ghana, especially, in the Ashanti region. They want to stain all the ballots using explosive ink pads secretly dropped into ballot boxes containing cast ballots on the Election Day.

The video below tells it all.

2020 Elections: NDC Hired Me To Spoil Ballot Papers in Ashanti Region


The Electoral Commission must come out with a policy to ban anyone issued with a ballot paper from taking with them mobile phones, pens or anything, into the urns when going to thumb print their choice of candidates. Again, the envelopes they come out in the open with to drop into the ballot boxes must be felt by the polling agents to ensure that they don’t contain additional materials other than the ballot paper.

The Electoral Commission, or the relevant person or institution in Ghana, must order the arrest of the person coming out with the information on the NDC’S latest plot as in the video above, to enable investigations to be conducted into it. If found to be true, then the plotters, but not the informant, must be arrested for further police interrogation.


All Ghanaians, except those NDC fanatics, must please alert the relevant authorities if they hear about anyone planning any evil towards election 2020. Whoever any such evil plots is reported to must not sit on it but to inform the police or the public by any genuine means possibly available to them.

Finally,  I can conclude without mincing words that the NDC have never won any election in Ghana before without resorting to foul means and stealing as alleged by Mrs Konadu Agyemang Rawlings, the primus inter pares in NDC.

This publication is coming to you from the office of the founder of “Operation Dump Mahama” movement, and also, the author of this article. He is the fearless no-nonsense son of Kumawu/Asiampa, the voice of the voiceless and the defender of the defenceless in Ghana. He is again the appointed vessel of God to fight for the restoration of justice and peace to Kumawuman citizens in this end time of chieftaincy dispute, traditional and seeming politico-judicial collusion to harass and deny the people their right of choice and freedom.

Rockson Adofo

Sunday, 8 November 2020


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