Money loving babylon Otabil, Duncan-Williams, Dag Heward-Mills, all clergy have failed God; May He punish you all hypocrites — Kwaku Annan

Host of ‘The Seat Show’ on Net2tv, Kwaku Annan has said the story of Sodom and Gomorrah in biblical times is not far from happening in Ghana.

He noted that the signs of Sodom and Gomorrah has been glaring at us for a long time and members of the clergy have turned their focus and concentration on money.

“And to the pastors in Ghana, God says I should tell you that, you have failed God woefully. You’ve failed. All of you. Archbishop Duncan-Williams, you’ve failed. Dag Heward-Mills, you’ve failed. ICGC Otabil you’ve failed”, he stated.

He added, “Perez Agyinasare and the one who is around the circle area, Sam Korankye Ankrah had the nerves to say that, the President should pay all contractors the government owes, so they can also pay their tithes accordingly”.

Kwaku Annan fumes, “God will punish all of you for the hypocrisy and the over-concentration on money and not helping God’s children.”

He angrily made these commentaries on his show in a video that has gone on social media.

The ‘Seat Show’ host emphasised that God will soon unleash his anger on all pastors and bishops who are misleading God’s children. “Our bishops, prophets and pastors have become morally and spiritually contaminated. They have dined and wined with the Goddess of Babylon”.

Explaining why he was angry with the clergy, Kwaku stressed that the numerous churches found in every nook and cranny of the country has not helped our course and the development of the moral fabric of the society.

“Our country has been inundated with all manner of seminars from these clergy but it has not had a commensurate impact on the lives and development of our dear motherland.

“In some countries, their citizens are rather Hindus, Shintos or Buddhists and not Christians as we are seeing in our country but yet still those countries are fast developing than ours.”

Mr. Annan believes Ghana has been held hostage by some unknown spirits. As such, he is hurt by the many churches and pastors, bishops and prophets dotted across the country and yet done little to help liberate our country from the quagmire of issues.

He believes the church and some clergy are part of the problem the country is facing each day.

He added most pastors have made the church their business. “The pastors have become rich at the expense of the people which is a retrogression and an affront to God’s plan for salvation.”

DC Kwame Kwakye
DC Kwame KwakyeA Broadcast JournalistPage: DCKwameKwakye

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