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Meteo Agency warns of fire outbreaks as harmattan unleashes intense weather

The Ghana Meteorological Agency is warning of fire outbreaks in across the country on the back of heightened outburst of the harmattan this week.

The harmattan on Wednesday, February 12 engulfed Ghana, creating a dry and hazy atmosphere with drastic visibility particularly in the mornings and evenings. It is the fourth outburst for the 2019/2020 harmattan season.

Meteorologists say the current weather condition will continue until the February 16.

“From our fire monitoring charts and other meteorological parameters, there is a very high probability of fire outbreaks due to careless handling of open fires,” a statement from the Meteorological Agency said on Tuesday.

It has thus asked the public, particularly liquefied petroleum operators, to be mindful of naked fires, and be cautions in lighting fires in and around forests, farmlands and open areas without extended fire belt.

Within the period, it said, visibility values of will reduce to less than 1km to a little above 3km.

“With the current dry and cool continental winds invading the country, and as such the West African sub-region, relative humidity values will be less than 20% over the Northern Ghana, 20-40% over the middle sector and 25-55% over the Coastal bell,” it stated.

It indicated that night to early morning hours temperatures will be relatively cool over the northern half of the country while in the afternoon hours will be dominated by warm with hazy sunshine.

Wednesday’s forecast released by the Agency said despite the dry and hazy conditions being experienced in the country, areas in the Western and Western North regions will be misty becoming by mid-morning.

It warned that poor visibility will be observed across the country today , pegging visibility distance at 500 metres to 4000 metres.

It said state of the sea will however be calm.

Below is the forecast for the next 24 hours


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