Meet Keddi Ghana’s New Ga Rap King.


Meet Keddi Ghana’s New Ga Rap King.

Keddi is a talented Ga rapper who considers himself as an ambassador of Tema New-Town, where he was born and bred. Daniel Edinkrah Mensah, as he is known in real life, is a proud Tema Manhean Native.

As a music lover, heavily influenced by hiphop and hiplife at an early age, Keddi developed a passion to create music. His passion for music is evident in the energy with which he raps and his commitment to his music career.

Keddi, who is popularly noted for his kente head bands, always fronts his connection to the Ga tribe of Ghana. He mostly creates music that blends the Ga dialect with pidgin English. He considers himself as a rapper who alternates between the hip-hop and afro-pop genres of music. With a long term plan of releasing a body of work at a go through an album or EP, Keddi is currently releasing singles to entertain his ever growing audience.

Keddi as a rising talent has performed at the Chalewote street festival, Sarkodie’s “This is Tema” concert, and many other music events. He is a firm believer of teamwork and collaboration. This mantra has seen Keddi working some of the music industry’s most talented acts. Some of these acts are Bolie, Keche, Reynolds the gentleman, Jetey, CJ Biggerman, Yung Pabi and many others.

Keddi has his released music available on all digital streaming platforms. He’s also active on all social media platforms. Follow Keddi keenly as he embarks on this journey to prominence. Keddi represents Ga rap, good music and creative excellence.


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