McDan pledges support for local production of hand sanitizers


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of McDan Group of Companies, Dr. Daniel McKorley, in a social media post has announced plans to fund any entrepreneur who produces locally made sanitizers with local ingredients like ‘apketeshie’.

As the country has already confirmed six cases of the virus, the initiative seeks to help boost the production of local sanitizers which would help control the rate of infection among people.

The exported sanitizers are already in short supply and also very expensive for the average Ghanaian.

The initiative which is part of the McDan Entrepreneurship Challenge, serves as the company’s contribution to fighting the deadly Coronavirus pandemic within the country.

“Global pandemic COVID-19 is threatening our livelihood, but desperate times call for desperate measures… Ever thought about producing locally made sanitizers with local ingredients like ‘apketeshie’? … There is funding for you,” Dr. McKorley wrote in a facebook post.

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