Having pored over some opinions Franklin Cudjoe of IMANI fame and Manasseh Azure Awuni postulated in the past over the voters register in relation to the ones they have opined now over the same issue, I am left with the opinion that the two are not as principled as they would want us to swallow.

When “She Who Must Be Obeyed” (Charlotte Osei) decidedly determined never to yield to the calls and suggestions to compile a new register for the 2016 elections, Franklin Cudjoe held the view that her stance was problematic since the register appeared compromised.

To Franklin Cudjoe and his charges at the time said there was no proper auditing of the register to convince them of a near perfect system for a free, fair and transparent elections in 2016 so it has to be changed. The register is in the same ‘predicament’ as nothing was done to winnow the bad nuts from same.

The same Franklin Cudjoe now takes a position worlds apart from the one he held on to in the past. He says we don’t need a new register now when the new one he agitated for in the past was never given to him.

Manasseh, when the NPP at the time fought ferociously for that register to be discarded and a new one birthed, said the party should stop disturbing our ears with its preoccupation of a new register and concentrate on the needful, which, to him, was crafting convincing messages with the purposes of selling same to the electorate.

Manasseh asked the NPP to tell Ghanaians why they should be voted for rather than spending inordinately longer periods flogging a dead horse (voters register).

Today, Manasseh says the EC is in bed with the NPP in this new register brouhaha. Surprisingly, he didn’t see that the NDC was in league with Charlotte Osei at the time they said they didn’t need a new register.

Since his flop of a militia in the heart of the city documentary was rejected by the general public for lack of substance, Manasseh has been at loggerheads with this administration.

The two are inconsistent with their positions when juxtaposed with how they perceived things in the past.

P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.


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