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Man quits NDC because he wants to go to heaven

A member of the opposition National Democratic Congress has quit the party simply because he will not go to heaven if he continues to join the party.


Kingsford Addai who was supposed to contest in the party’s regional elections for the position of Communications Officer at Bantama constituency chose to quit the race a day to the election.

According to him, the party is full of liars and it will be difficult for him to worship God well should he continue to be in the party.

‘I will not join NDC again. I have burnt all my NDC things. In NDC we do not care about the law. We do what we want to do,” he said.

The man who said he has been on numerous radio stations to defend NDC also indicated he once had an accident when he was returning to Kumasi from Accra from a party program.

Kingsford, who can now be described as a former NDC member believes had the NDC government-provided jobs for the youth, they would not be spending their time taking Tramadol.

“Some of the robbery cases you heard about in the country were not real. They were planned by the NDC so that Ghanaians will think the country is not safe under the NPP,” he claimed.

Therefore, to ensure that he gets a safe passage to heaven, he has chosen to quit NDC because he cannot lie anymore.


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