We live in a country where a section of the populace always say it is impossible. Every proposed concept or scheme is impossible.

I struggle to understand why anyone would rubbish a good project for this country.

If you lived in a house where poverty was the landlord, I am sure that the bread winner every time he sets would have a sole objective of get food on the table. If it so happened that, the bread winner had the vision of finding a new house. Some would still say it is impossible.

It is better to dream, try and fail than not to dream and try at all. There is section in this country who never dream, let alone try to implement. They will always tell the dreamers too that it is impossible.

The reality in the ground shows that one group of people said the underlisted were impossible but to the Glory of God and country, what was impossible is now possible.

National Health Insurance Scheme
School Feeding Program
Free SHS
One District, One Factory

These are just a few initiatives or interventions which were vehemently opposed and tagged as extra terrestrial and impossible. Guess what, they are all now in operation.

These examples clearly show that, as a nation there is a particular group of people who believe in doing that which is perceived as impossible. The naysayers must revise their notes. Ghanaians have seen the crystal clear difference.

It is sad to note that even in the midst of COVID-19, there is a group of people whose prayer is to see that more people die so that they can blame the sitting president. They wish for major failures so that they can jump and through tantrums and unleash unsavory words.

It will surprise you to note that some people in this country are happy that COVID-19 is lurking around because they have the belief that, it will affect the proposed implementation of the new voter’s register. How sickening and sad is it to know that there is a section who would trade lives of Ghanaians for a new register? If you pray for COVID-19 to lurk around remember you life is also at stake.

Most people are not that daft. People can read in between the lines.

We will overcome COVID-19 and come back to build our nation.

Impossible is nothing.



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