Majority of Ghanaians can’t cope with total lockdown.


Taking into consideration Ghana socio-economic background we better implement gradual lockdown.

Majority of Ghanaians can’t cope with total lockdown.

Nana Addo’s government has already put in place appropriate measures , closing Airports ,borders, making available test kits, public health education, etc.

I believe certain gradual measures to limit crowd could be taken.

We shouldn’t close markets but rather prohibit all public transports, Buses, STC, Trotro, taxis, uber for 2 weeks.

Trucks transporting commercial goods allowed

Then 2 days later close all bigger markets, big mall centers

The above measures will push the population buying from small shops or kiosks close to their homes, normally not overcrowded.

It will also allow majority of poor Ghanaians involved in petty trade, hand to mouth to have their daily bread.

Above all the Government should supply free sanitizers.


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