At this material moment, the likes of Clemento Suarez, DKB, KSM and even the gurus in the game from big brother Nigeria would be quaking in their boots as a former president of Ghana is in the process of boxing them out of the comedy ring.

These guys should be suffocating soon since John Mahama has quit politics with the view to rubbing shoulders with them in their field of endeavour.

Mr. Mahama, as usual, would get into his talking anyhow elements after he finished registering in his hometown of Bole.

Just to please his people, he said that if he is voted for, he would ensure that Ghanaians are protected from coronavirus.

He further said that if he were in charge now, we would not have recorded these number of deaths from COVID-19, and that we should vote for him to give us the needed protection.

It is important to walk away from the present and trip down memory lane to fish out how he fared when an ailment less severe hit Ghana.

It was a common cholera. Mahama was president. Mind you, cholera is no way a sibling of COVID-19 in terms of pedigree, impact or effects.

COVID-19 is a pandemic, cholera is not. COVID-19 is a pestilence, cholera is an ordinary illness. COVID-19 is deadly and novel, cholera has been part and parcel of our lives for years. COVID-19 is a global pandemic whereas cholera is localized, more like a Ghanaian phenomenon. COVID-19 has no known cure but cholera is curable.

COVID-19 has ravaged almost every country, throwing economies out of gear. Cholera is more of a Ghanaian thing. COVID-19 has brought the global economy down on its knees whereas cholera cannot command a fraction of what COVID-19 possesses.

In effect, a common cholera outbreak overwhelmed John Dramani Mahama. Over 200 Ghanaians died of same. He could not prevent 200 Ghanaians from dying out of cholera, a disease that is curable, but says he will protect us from COVID-19? Even his last child would find it difficult believing this fat and palpable lie.

It is only a comedian who would promise to give the people paradise when he gave them hell when he was given the opportunity to rule the country.

If cholera was a task so herculean for him to the extent that over 200 people died, how can he shield us from a fiendish foe like COVID-19?

P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.


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