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I now understand why people say “success have thousand parents but failure is an orphan”. I got the real import of this wise saying when i observed the behavior and reactions of the NDC’s flagbearer and their communicators within this short period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The president made and implemented a lot of bold decisions aggressively and successively over the period. Did we hear the NDC communicators say all those decisions were suggested by their flagbearer to the president? Did you hear their flagbearer say anything to that effect? No. Those decisions and actions were on point and successful. So certainly, JM should like to be a child of that success. During your regime of wasted four years, did you see or hear any opposition candidate associate himself or herself to any of your decisions? Not even Akua Donkor, all because you never listened to any advice.

Your own boss, our late president, Prof.Mills was in no doubt a man of peace and humility and we knew he advised you to emulate him. You ignored him and you were everywhere describing the minority members as BALONEY for opposing your decision to collateralize our oil find for loans. If you listened to Mills’ advice, would you do that?

As a president, you were advised by your own paramount chief to be humble and decorous in your utterances. It went nowhere and you were in Kumasi describing Ashantis as ungrateful people who never appreciated anything, and that, if you even constructed their roads with gold, they still wouldn’t appreciate. Knowing you offended the whole kingdom, you still requested “Yɛntie obiara” song and danced with your friends. If you listened to advice, would you do this?

Apart from advising you on policy matters, your Council of State members also advised you to scale down your arrogant utterances to Ghanaians. A week later, you called their bluff and lumped all Ghanaians together except yourself to say they’re all sick of “forgetfulness”. This came from a supposedly “communication expert”. Did you take advice?

Your inability to provide a strong economy as a result of your crust incompetence, labour agitations were so rampant in your regime such that you had to leave the shores of this country to another country to respond to the agitating workers that no amount of demonstrations could force you to do things you didn’t budget for, you offensively declared yourself “a dead goat” who never feared the knife. So the unsatisfied workers could go to hell, your back case. Could a well advised president sound so offensive this way?

This your offensive “dead goat” mentality emboldened you to defy all pieces of advice offered you by experts to cancel nurses and teacher trainees allowances. With the powerful combination of your “yɛntie obiara” and your “dead goat” spirit, you had the effrontery to tell them to vote against you because their allowances were gone and gone forever. If you listened to pieces of advice, would you do this?

Dr.Spio Garbrah was so kind and candid with you and the NDC. He told you and the NDC that the over one million people who voted against you in 2016 elections are still alive and they know you have not changed, but here you are, did you listen to him? Hon.Bagbin didn’t hide it from you and the entire NDC, he advised that whatever they do with you as a candidate, NDC can never win power in 2020, did you listen to him? That’s the sharp difference between you(JM) and Nana Addo. Though elderly, Nana Addo still listens to people, even you(JM).

For your information, Ghanaians see you with two attitudes or characters, as:

i.the real JM, when you were president, and

ii.the fake JM, now as a flagbearer.

What you were as a president is your real self, what you’re doing now as a flagbearer is fake. We saw you, we know you and we experienced you.

If our current president is succeeding because he listens to people’s advice, why should we change him with one who is all-knowing but failing?

You failed because you were beyond advice and that’s being confirmed now by your inability to get a running mate, because you failed as a president, you’re an orphan. No one wants to be your father.

Learn to listen to advice and stop advising people. Imagine if every president is impervious to advice as you were, who will listen to you?

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