LILY APPIAH, Suame Communication Officer writes….


LILY APPIAH, Suame Communication Officer writes……………………….

I was invited by Boss 93.7 Fm to serve the elephant family and to share my opine about national issues at hand and also to pinpoint on the achievements of Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo Addo’s led government.

I made a reference of the kind of hardship Ghanaians passed through under the regime of former President John Mahama led administration.
During the era of the NDC, graduates were unemployed all because Former President Mahama striked their necks in pains of International Monitory Fund (The IMF), during that regime University graduates were depending on their parents for living even though they have been graduated from school, these unacceptable and unpardonable Mahama’s led governance striked them to cast their vote(s) in a vehement style on December 7th 2016 for the political Messiah of Ghana politics ie. His Excellency Nana Addo and offloaded His Excellency Former President John Drammani Mahama.
After Nana had won, all these bottleness on Ghanaians under the reign’s of incompetence Former President Mahama have been outwitted by Messiah of Ghanaian politics (President Akuffu Addo).
If not for anything now u can talk of Nabco and et al. Which seeks to call unemployment a thing of past.

When Ghanaians were facing energy crisis, former president Mahama and the NDC government were bold to tell the citizenry that if they want light then, they must prepare to pay huge sum of electricity bills before they can enjoy light or else the lighting system will continue to be in shallow basis.
John Drammani Mahama the former president ate his words without caring for his citizens and imposed high tariff of electricity on Ghanaians, yet still we were suffering from Dumsor till Nana Addo’s NPP government took over.
And is a factual fact that from 2017 till now Ghanaian, Nana Addo’s administration has made dumsor also a thing of past.
This is a sign of a sublime leader or captain who need 4 More to Do More for Ghanaians.

What we normally hear from the incompetent flagbearer and his party the NDC is that Nana Addo administration has done nothing for good people and Ashanti Region at large.
Is it not funny ?? I don’t need to mention many things that Nana led administration has achieved here before one can notice that President Akuffu Addo has done magnificently well here, for we have 47 constituency in Ashanti Region but during the COVID-19 President Nana Addo gave us (Ashanti Region) 49 ambulances to help solve the issue of health. We all witnessed how Ghanaians suffered from Cholera under JDM era and beside it wasn’t a pandemic but Mr. Incompetent could not handle it.
The NDC always boost of building schools but if my memory will serve me right they promised to build community day school in each constituency but the very end they were able to finished just 27 in their tenure of office. Npo government is less than 4 years in office but The NPP (New Patriotic Party) have been able to call 29 schools a done.
So with their own promises and the things they hails themselves for, NPP has done it better than them. To make lengthy story in small extent the NDC is not an alternative

The listening President Nana Addo has done it again for releasing the hardship of students when accessing Student Loan Trust Fund, from next academic year going, the President has cut off guarantors system and has signatured the use of Ghana National ID Card which every citizen is having one, to enable every university learner to access such funds to help them to concentrate and learn hard for the betterment of our dear Mother Ghana.

I also voiced a little about some chiefs endorsing political parties which article 66 of Ghanaian constitution made it clear for chieftaincy to desist from doing public politics or endorsing, so i will take this awesome opportunity to plead to our dear Chiefs and Queens to desist from it but rather guide and advise the political parties to drive well on their administration and help build our soothing land or country.

#Service to God and Country.
#4More4Nana #4MoreToDoMore



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