‘Liars NDC’ NPP more focused than NDC – Solomon Nkansah


A Former National Communications Officer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Solomon Nkansah claims the only advantage the ruling NPP has over the largest opposition NDC is them appearing focused.

According to him the only advantage he sees the NPP has over the NDC is that “they appear focused . . . if you look at their government they don’t contradict themselves, even if they are lying the consistency gives them some face . . . it makes the NPP appear somehow organized”.

He said this is a propaganda tool the ruling party strongly has and using very well.

He addmitted on Neat FM’s ‘Ghana Montie’ programme that the NDC used to be very strong in that position in the past than now.

However, he said even with the current Social Media era, you need to have a strong strategy and serious coordinators who can somehow manage sizeable NDC players on the various platforms, otherwise that consistency and coordination will not even be attractive.

He spoke to host of the show Kwesi Aboagye in a panel discussion.


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