Let us Choose our Parliamentary Candidate, Don’t impose anyone on us- Wassa East NPP Executives

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August 25, 2019

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Let us Choose our Parliamentary Candidate, Don’t impose anyone on us- Wassa East NPP Executives

FROM: Electoral Area Coordinators, Polling Station Officers and Party Faithfuls- NPP, Wassa East

TO: The General Secretary
New Patriotic Party

DATE: 21st August, 2019


Dear Sir,

We, the Electoral Area Coordinators, Polling Station Officers and some party faithfuls of Wassa East Constituency demand that there should be a contest to select a Candidate to lead our party to victory in the
upcoming 2020 General Elections.

As stipulated in Article 12, sections (4), (5) and (7) of the New Patriotic Party constitution, we believe all the Aspiring Parliamentary Candidates (APC) in Wassa East qualify and certify the conditions, hence, to avoid grieve and anxiety which will definitely cause apathy, we pray you will allow the two Aspiring Parliamentary Candidates to contest, so that we the foot soldiers select the most marketable candidate who can redeem the
seat for our party.

Wassa East Constituency for over three consecutive general elections has selected a Parliamentary Candidate by popular acclamation due to the inability of other party faithfuls showing interest in the contest.

Therefore denying us electoral contest which seeks to rejuvenate the NPP spirit among party members ahead of general elections will be a big setback to the party to take the seat in 2020.

Fortunately for us in this year, we have two members who have availed themselves to lead the party for
the next general elections. All we are asking for is a contest.

The delegates must be given the privilege to choose among the two, rightful person to lead the party during the 2020 general elections. The regular popular acclamation has not added up to our electoral fortunes
as a party in the constituency. Party activities have always gone dead in the constituency right after general elections and only get active few months to the next general elections.
We want to have a vibrant party through the year and beyond. We want to see our teaming supporters getting involved in party activities and forming a stronger electoral base for elections 2020. We want to as early as possible start visiting the electorates and have a platform to propagate the good works of the Nana Addo Bawumia Government and tell them why the NDC isn’t an alternative.

We are poised to partake and to ensure a healthy competition among the two aspirants and are getting impatient as to why the Vetting Committee is delaying in clearing both aspirants to kick start their campaign to
bring life into party activities in the constituency.

We do not anticipate for any other alternative than a contest to choose a preferred candidate who will make our work easier to lead the party to victory in both the upcoming 2020 presidential and parliamentary general elections.

Looking forward for the necessary action to be taken.

Thank you.



Constituency Executives, Electoral Area Coordinators and Polling Stations Executives.


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