Let us Cease our Political and Tribal Bigotry for Laws to Work for our Common Good


In Ghana, political divisiveness and bigotry, coupled with marked practise of devastating tribalism, is the cause of our difficulty to making any headway in our socio-economic development of the nation.

Election of our political leaders and representatives is not often based on meritocracy but tribal attachments and political affiliations. Similarly, the appointments of civil service heads and members of government are most often not by meritocracy but cronyism, family membership and tribal extractions.

When it comes to the enforcement of the laws of the land and their application, there are equally militating factors to weaken their effectiveness. When one breaches the law and has to be dealt with, one will see the long arm of politics wading into the process to set the culprit free. On the other hand, the card of tribalism or “a big man’s influence” will be played to negate the effective course of the application of the law.

However, in any country where the enforcement, application and interpretation of the laws are not adhered to according as stipulated, the progress of the nation is most often retarded.

This is exactly the situation pertaining in Ghana, the country of my birth. There are too many potential but negative forces weighing heavily against the enforcement and interpretations of the laws hence many criminals boldly committing their reprehensible acts with impunity.

When a political rabies-infested activist commits a crime against the people and gets arrested, you will see his political party colleagues madly rallying support for him or her. They do so with the intent of getting the criminal go scot free.

If by our tribal and political insanity the country keeps stagnating in her development instead of progressing, do we not have the sense to put right the problem?

When people are doing illegal surface mining (galamsey) to spoil our water bodies, fertile lands and virgin forests, attempts to stop such activities are rendered ineffective all because of our dirty ways of practising politics in the country.

While you are trying to stop it, another political party for cheap popularity and easy votes will be promising them the continuity of their galamsey business should it be elected into power. By this, will the progress of the country not be mired in a merry-go-round poverty with nothing working satisfactorily?

Let us please stop our myopic understanding of politics. Let us do away with tribalism, nepotism and cronyism for the laws to work for our collective common good.

I am always for the laws working for the benefit of all with cases decided on the substance of the case but not on any laughable technicalities of the application of the law which often denotes corruption.

Ghana has to move forward and it had better be. Therefore, let us all strive hard to obtain the best for the country by eschewing political and tribal bigotry and insanity.

Rockson Adofo

Friday, 6 March 2020


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