He is a very hardworking Patriot who never want to be in his comfortable seat until he achieve his aim as a young and vibrant politician by not failing the masses with the better relationship and contacting them HON JOHN KUMAH is only positioning himself in the upcoming Parliamentry primaries as EJISU PARLIAMENTARY candidate so that the masses will not be deceive again in 2020 like 2008 by explaining things to ordinary populace to see the difference between President Nana Addo and that of incompetence John MAHAMA previous govt, then choose between the two..
The rebuilding process have started in earnest.
Its a pleasant feeling to know that the grassroots have not scattered by the outcome of the elections.

His main Agenda For EJISU Electorate

1… Rebuilding the party from the polling station level, Electoral Area level and Constituency level.


#3.. Maintaining EJUSU seat come 2020 and beyond

3.Creating Job for all.

4… Women empowerment

5.. Skills training and Enterprenueship

LAWYER JOHN KUMAH very solid guy who shows humility and knowledge in all his dealings with his fellow men. Interestingly, he doesn’t boast of impeccable qualities.

Madlion Ahafo Hwidiem

Published by Mr Kelly Brown

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