It was so unsettling and very provocative listening to Kwasi Pratt as he made loose statements on Alhaji and Alhaji, a political talk show on PanAfrica TV.

The pronouncements were so unguarded that it had the tendency of raising tempers and fueling tensions in the country in this tensed period of the December 2020 General elections.

Mr. Pratt while speaking on Alhaji Alhaji postulated without any proof that the ruling party seeks to rig the elections and also foment atrocities on the day of elections, so all must pick up arms and resist.

Such peace threatening statements by Mr. Pratt are really nauseating and reckless. The peace we are currently enjoying which is the envy of the world shouldn’t be toyed with at all, and so, such statements must be condemned by all devoid of party colors. It is again indeed worrying that some individuals in this country feel more powerful than the laws and can incite violence with impunity without a blink, whilst the security agencies look on helplessly, It is really a shame.

The lamest portions of his barbaric utterances were his misplaced, ill-conceived and immature interpretation of the constitution of one having the right to defend oneself in the unlikely event of an attack so we should all troop to the polling stations armed to the teeth and cause mayhem. Is this the peace song an elderly person of his caliber should be promoting?

Elections are not declaration of wars. There are processes and procedure to follow if one is aggrieved on the day or during the run up to the elections, so a strategy by anyone that would create fear and induce panic within the masses is childish and barbaric.

With Mr. Pratt as a stooge of NDC, it finds meaning to it that, it is just part of the plans and orchestration by Mr. Ofosu Ampofo, National Chairman of the NDC and his cohorts as intercepted by the security agencies, to make the Country ungovernable.

The most guilty of this war sermon is the leader of the NDC, John Dramani Mahama. A man whose utterances make mockery of his statesmanship stature. He has sought to cry wolf at every stage of the electoral process, a ploy to reject the humiliation that awaits him come Dec 7.

The likes of Kwasi Pratt behave like the proverbial bird that muddies the river upstream and run downstream to complain. He and others of his like create a state of insecurity by their pronouncements and go on air to chastise the government for doing little about it.

It is just about time the citizenry took a strong stand against such hypocrisy and double standards. The security agencies should not be selective in cracking the whip. Those whose incendiary pronouncements add to the panic should be hauled before the courts or appropriate agencies to answer for it.

Let us be awake as citizens to our responsibilities to uphold the peace and security of the state.


In God We Trust

Innocent Supremo Tetteh
Volta Youth for Development (VYD)

Critical Thinkers International (CTI)

Agenda for Change (AFC)


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