Kwame A-Plus is Worse than a Confused Meander


Kwame Asare, alias A-Plus, a political prostitute, is worse than a confused river meandering in the virgin forests of the Brazilian Amazon. He is a classical human butterfly jumping from one political party and back and forth seeking to milk the parties for his insatiable greed. He is a guy without integrity.

He claims Nana Akufo-Addo is an experienced loser hence he is going to lose election 2020 despite the massive crowd support he receives wherever he goes on his campaign tour. This guy needs his brains examined since his behaviour confirms that he is not 100% correct as regards the functioning of his grey matter. Yesterday he was taking the NDC to the cleaners accusing them of massive corruption and incompetence. The next day he was hailing the NPP. When he could not have his own way to exploit the NPP, he has come to see them as more corrupt and incompetent. He has now run back to the NDC, holding private interactions and conversations with former President John Mahama, now his buddy.

I would have had no qualms about him if he had joined a different political party altogether than going back to the NDC he saw yesterday and treated as evil. This is how opportunists prove themselves stupid and undeserving of any respect.

Kwame A-Plus, discerning Ghanaians see the good things Nana Addo has done and plans to do. It takes only a visionless, selfish and greedy person like Kwame A-Plus not to see the good in Nana Addo and how he is taking Ghana out of the poverty and denigration it has for far too long been mired.

Nana Addo will not lose election 2020 but win to carry on with the good works he has started, God willing. The more Kwame A-Plus and his other ignorant colleagues like Kevin Ekow Baidoo Taylor cry wolf, throwing dust into people’s eyes, the much better the chances of Nana Addo and NPP winning the election become.

I shall invite all serious-thinking Ghanaians to rally behind Nana Addo and the NPP by way of doing a more serious campaigning to bring victory to the party on 7 December 2020. I call on all the members of the “Operation Dump Mahama” movement to embark on extensive door-to-door campaign to canvass for the NPP to win election 2020.

Four more years for Nana to do more!

The battle is the Lord’s!

Rockson Adofo

Friday, 9 October 2020


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