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KuYA Commends Government For Holding Independence Day Celebrations In Kumasi

KuYA Commends Government For Holding Independence Day Celebrations In Kumasi

The Patrons, Executives and entire members of Kumasi Youth Association (KuYA) wishes to celebrate with Ghana our Motherland as she turns sixty three (63) today, Friday, 6th March, 2020.

This day sounds the trumpet the entire world that Ghana is a sovereign nation and capable of administering her affairs. As we celebrate our sovereignty today, we also remember our Forefathers that toiled their blood to gain this independence for us.

First and foremost, the Executives, Patrons, and members of Kumasi Youth Association (KuYA) would like to highly commend government for holding the grand 63rd Independence Day Celebration in Kumasi, under the auspices of Otumfuo Osei-Tutu, the Asantehene. KuYA appreciate this decision first, because the government chose carefully the Ashanti region and specifically Kumasi as the commemorative grounds for the 63rd Independence Day celebration. We see this decision as prudent and fit for Asanteman. Again, this decision is a way of boosting economic activities within Kumasi and Ashanti Region as a whole and it has indeed been realized. This decision, Asanteman further sees it to be a prestigious honor towards the Asantehene and his people as the entire Ghana gather in Kumasi. We believe this decision is in the right direction and therefore call on all in Asanteman to praise the ruling government for such an initiative and good thought towards Asanteman.

As on such a memorable day, we recount where we started from and what we have achieved so far as a nation. KuYA in a discourse with some Ghanaians, some sounded pessimistic while others remain optimistic. KuYA believes in a glorious future for Ghana 🇬🇭 and hence side with those who are optimistic of the celebration.

As we commemorate such a glorious day, KuYA would like to applaud all successive governments, both local and central governments that have at least offered their quota towards the peace, stability and development of Ghana our motherland. We also say ayekoo to our traditional leaders for their assiduous contribution towards maintaining peace and stability in the tradional areas, for also promoting development in their traditional areas and in effect for Ghana as a whole.

In as much as we applaud all forms of leadership in Ghana, KuYA would like to draw our attention to the many things the nation need to make amendments in.

Firstly, the nature of our democracy, KuYA has studied from afar and close and could testify to it that Ghana’s development somehow is retarded (that is, grow at a lower step size) as a results of how the nation has been governed by successive governments.. The projects and policies commenced by one government, when out of power, are left to bare and has therefore made the country lose a lot of resources. A lot of projects have been left at the mercy of the scorching sun and this hugely retards the development of the nation. This we strongly suggest should be looked at. KuYA strongly recommends a Ghana decades strategic plan for which all governments are to abide by in contributing their quota to the development of the nation. The nation should not base on campaign messages to vote but how far the party was able to help Ghana achieve its strategic goals.

Again, corruption has become the cancer deteriorating the progress of the nation. Corrupt activities seem to be adorned and not whipped at once but with elongated processes, the nation lose sight of the cases even sometimes in court. The institutions in Ghana to put a haught to corrupt-like activities have become redundant and could not carry out their duties effectively as mandated by law. KuYA appeal to the government and governments to come to be very objective and apply the law where necessary to help eradicate corruption in every section of the country.

Last but not the least, KuYA realizes that all en sundry should have a change of mind towards the development of the nation. We all need a change in our mindset and attitude as a nation. If we all remain positive and supports government now and governments to come, by shaping them in the right direction, and we also behaving as true citizens, Ghana will see the development she salivates for. Let the change start with you and it will affect the entire nation.

The Executives, Patrons and members of Kumasi Youth Association (KuYA) finally would like to wish Ghana a very blessed and glorious 63rd Independence Day celebration. We also would like to entreat all Ghanaians to remain optimistic and focused and hence do our maximum best towards the peace, stability, and development of our dear nation. God bless our homeland Ghana.

Thank You.


Kwabena Frimpong
(General Secretary,KuYA)

Nana Akwasi Prempeh
(Member, KuYA)

Abigail Koduah
(Women Organiser, KuYA)


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