Kumawu Sub-chiefs Ignorantly Sacrifice Kumawuman on the Altar of Asanteman


Do the current Kumawuman sub-chiefs know and understand Kumawu history very well? Do they know the historic position of Kumawu in Asanteman, formerly the Asante Confederacy or Asante Kingdom? Do they know how Kumawu became a member of the Confederacy, the demands made by the first paramount chief of Kumawu, Barima Tweneboa Kodua I, the originator of the Kumawu Kodua Stool, before offering himself as a sacrificial lamb to guarantee the Asantes victory over the Denkyiras in their fierce war against the dreaded and most powerful Nana Ntim Gyakari, the King of the then powerful Denkyira state?

I am sure they don’t, and if at all they know, they have allowed selfishness, insatiable greed dictated by the pangs of their stomach and their quest to greedily kill that hunger, or their quest for avarice and to be important persons in the Ghanaian society without wiping off any sweat from their forehead, to cloud their sense of morality, if at all they have any morals.

Why will they supportively, if not collusively, allow a powerful Asante overlord from a different division within Asanteman to impose a person of his choice on Kumawu as Kumawu’s paramount chief contrary to the standing and prevailing Kumawu custom and traditions, and Asante conventions? Why will they not raise an alarm about the fact such action by the Asante overlord is in breach of both the conventions of Asanteman and Kumawu, both written and unwritten?

They cannot deny the fact Asantehene’s involvement in the ongoing Kumawu chieftaincy dispute, where he has assumed an authoritative role to disregard the custom and traditions of Kumawu, is totally illegal and an abuse of his position as the Ceremonial Head of Asanteman. He has no power over the principal members of Asanteman, especially Kumawu, to dare to select for, let alone, impose, a royal of his choice, as their paramount chief.

Extensive academic research, and possession of credible documental proofs coupled with narrative oral history, confidently tell me that it is erroneous on the part of Asantehene to seek to, or play, such an authoritarian role in the chieftaincy affairs of Kumawu. Again, it is a disservice to Kumawuman to see our sub-chiefs sit down nonchalantly, if not stupidly, like lame ducks, while Asantehene and other chiefs from the other divisions in Asanteman collude to exploit the wealth of Kumawuman by imposing a history-knowledge-deficient person, Dr Yaw Sarfo, on Kumawu, as Kumawu paramount chief.

You cannot become a chief or a sub-chief if you are a coward and cannot stand up in public to defend your traditional area when an encroacher descends upon it to seize it or arrogate certain rights of your area to himself.

The charlatanry of those sub-chiefs mediating to ensure that Dr Yaw Sarfo continues to occupy the paramountcy despite all the constitutional and traditional infractions so committed by him and his colluders, is obvious to tell how cowards and enemies they are to the people and the development of Kumawuman. They had better recoil into their shell like the tortoise or snail, in shame. Don’t pretend, if you cannot defend, Kumawuman, against external aggressors and thieves.

I throw down a gauntlet to the Kumawu sub-chiefs that most of them are unworthy of their positions as long as they allow promises to buy them cars, build them houses, etc., to induce them to aid the Asante overlord and others to infringe Kumawu custom and traditions as and when they like.

With God on the side of those seeking justice and peace for Kumawuman, we shall prevail to the shame of the traitorous Kumawu sub-chiefs and the avaricious authoritarians within Asanteman Council.

I laughed my head off when I read from the news that some Kumawu sub-chiefs are urging one Lawyer Edward Kofi Osei who recently lost the NPP primaries election held in Kumawu Constituency to the incumbent MP, Philip Basoah (Hon), to go independent to contest the parliamentary seat in the impending 2020 general elections. Their argument is, the MP has not been bringing any developments to Kumawu since all the years he has won the seat.

My question to the underserving, shameless sub-chiefs is, do they honestly want developments for Kumawuman? If yes, then, why should they by their commissions and omissions be helping outsiders to descend on Kumawuman to rob her naked in broad daylight? Will the things that are being taken away from Kumawu, or will be taken from Kumawuman, by the Asante overlord and his colluders not be sufficient to develop Kumawuman?

Please, Kumawu sub-chiefs, be farsighted enough to stop your utter public display of ignorance and malicious disservice to Kumawuman. Any of you who lacks wisdom, intelligence and desire more history facts and documentary proofs had better make contact with the writer of this publication.

Rockson Adofo

Tuesday, 7 July 2020


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