Kumawu Shall Rise Again to Eminence if her Subjects will Heed my Advice in Unity

Fellow Kumawuman citizens, hear ye me. What has brought Kumawuman, once a powerful state within the Asante Confederacy, down to her knees only to be pulled along the floor by the once less powerful members of the union? Has the warrior capability that scared many a member of the union, sending cold chill down their spine, or goose bumps all over their body, to put them to flight on the mere mention of the name Kumawu, departed us and if yes, where has it gone?
Do the current Kumawuman sub-chiefs really know and understand the rich history of Kumawu and if yes, why are they living a life of nonchalance when outsiders have descended on Kumawu to rewrite her history to suit their selfish desires in the process of which they have dragged us into their dominion? Is it just because of what the sub-chiefs stand to gain as individuals, according to a promise that might have been given to them? Why do they feel so reluctant to defend the collective interests of Kumawuman citizens and the locality but only to sit agape, doing nothing while the wealth of Kumawuman is being exploited and repossessed by others from the other divisions of the Asante Confederacy, now Asanteman Council?
When in the history of Kumawu as a member of the Asante Confederacy (Asanteman Council), did the right to elect their paramount chief (Omanhene) become the sole prerogative of the Asantehene or any other members of the Union who are not Kumawuman elders? When did the Kumawu Ankaase royal family members become the true matrilineal descendants of Senu Fontom, hence the blood relation of Barima Tweneboa Kodua I, the originator of the Kumawu Kodua Stool?
Are the Kumawu sub-chiefs happy about the dilapidating state in which Kumawu finds herself, lacking development of any sort with the town fallen from grace to grass all because of the myopic leadership at the helm of her traditional affairs?
According to the history of Kumawu as by tradition and culture as I am conversant with, no Asantehene has ever been granted the right to elect, assist in the election of, let alone impose on Kumawuman, a candidate of their choice, as their paramount chief. I stand prepared to challenge whoever thinks I am making an erroneous statement by this historical fact.
Why then is it that all of a sudden, an Asantehene has emerged in this 21st Century Ghana to claim authority over Kumawu, exploit the resources of the area to a hilt, harass and oppress the people by resort to state machinery while our sub-chiefs who should have known better to resist him are rather consenting, probably because of what they stand to gain as individuals at the expense of the collective interests of Kumawuman citizens?
If only you will be in one accord with me, let us put the collective interests of Kumawuman at the heart of whatever we do. By so doing, we can resist the oppressor’s rule that is directed at suppressing us in order to be exploited as well as set a precedent to forever allow all future Asantehene to control Kumawuman. I resolutely stand to defend Kumawuman against the setting of any precedent that will allow outsiders to determine who becomes Kumawuuhene and to facilitate their evil intents to selfishly, greedily and maliciously repossess and exploit Kumawuman resources while the locality and the citizens live in utter fear and abject poverty.
Some of those who claim to be 100% Kumawuman blood may not care about the fate of Kumawuman, whether an outsider emerges from nowhere to repossess the locality and its entire citizens but the 50% son of the soil, Rockson Adofo, cares very much.
Join me to resist the devil and he shall flee, as it’s admonished in the scriptures. The fight is not easy, because it is a collusion of politicians, traditional overlords, sub-chiefs and probably court judges against selfless, honest, dynamic and very dedicated but comparatively poor nobodies. Nevertheless, in unity backed by a change of direction by the Kumawu sub-chiefs and with the hand of God at play, victory shall be ours. Good will prevail over evil!
Mind you, for evil to triumph is when good people sit down doing nothing. But we shall not sit down watching with arms folded around the chest while cheats descend on Kumawuman like famished wolves to voraciously grab what belongs to Kumawuman people by tradition and by law.
Once more, I call on the lovers of Kumwauman to remember those of us fighting for justice for Kumawuman from the corruption, injustice, usurpation, and suppression visited upon the people by colluding criminals who are callously pursuing their agenda of unlawful possession and exploitation of Kumawuman.
My prayer is simply to ask God to visit his wrath upon the heads of those doing whatever they think is possible to thwart His plans for Kumawuman citizens having a chief of their choice with whom they can plan and work together for the betterment of Kumawuman and her children.
Why should God allow a mortal being’s decision to supersede His? If a human being says he will never lick back his own sputum as does the dog, thus he will not swallow back his words once spoken or backtrack on his decision made, how do we expect God to go back on His promise when taken to contest by a greedy, selfish and wicked oppressor? Is such an oppressor not the handiwork of God? Can a slave be mightier than his master in glory? No!
A word to Kumawuman sub-chiefs and citizens is enough.
I dedicate this publication to all discerning Kumawuman citizens the world over, who are willing and praying for Kumawuman to be liberated from the heavy-handed treatment of the citizens by all those condoning and conniving to rob Kumawuman in a broad daylight. Plenty evidence of what is going on in Kumawu with regard to their chieftaincy dispute has already been made available in the public domain.
Rockson Adofo
Sunday, 31 May 2020


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