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Kumasi ‘rooting’ for Akufo-Addo over Independence Day Celebrations

Tamale was great, with all the chiefs and people, pleasantly displaying their rich Northern culture and unity. Being the first of its kind since Ghana’s independence, the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, got all the commendation he deserved for the great initiative.

Now it’s Oseikrom’s turn and they already geared up, and ready to show the world ‘how its done’. While heaping massive praises on the President whom they say has taken a bold and wise step, they didn’t fail to register their readiness to make the event a successful one.

One person who spoke to Ghanaweb’s team said the event will be an opportunity for them to finally see in person, Mr. Akufo-Addo whom they have only had the chance to see on their screens.

“We understand the President is coming to town so we are preparing ourselves to meet him. I’m even more excited because I get to see Nana in person, which has never been the case. People are also buying our wares and business is booming.” Samuel said.

For others, it was pure excitement that they were considered by the President as deserving enough of such a big event.

“I’m too excited, this is the first time they are holding this event here. I’m very ready, I will get to the stadium by 6 am in the morning.” One lady said, while another said,

“We are very excited that this has also come to Kumasi because it has always been done in Accra. If it is happening at our end this time, it should be celebrated. I wish it will always be like this.”

They also commended Nana Addo for giving the other regions a chance to participate in such an important national event, a move they believe will contribute towards effecting unity amongst Ghanaians. They were however quick to suggest that the President, make it a more consistent thing moving forward.

“I know very important personalities and presidents even beyond Ghana are coming for the event tomorrow. We are praying the Independence Day celebrations come here every year now because when it does, someone selling water will get more money, people selling cassava, plantain, even sitting in the shops will get more money.” A gentleman told ghanaweb.


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