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Knowledge is Power but the Lack of it is Total Weakness and Stupidity

I seem to come across too blunt with my publications without the slightest display of diplomacy. Yes, that is my preferred style of communication. Why should a fool not be told that he is a fool for him to change for the better? This phrase is not intended to insult anyone but to emphasise that the truth needs to be told as it is, hence the saying, “calling a spade a spade”

Why should a fool be lied to for him to believe in his mind’s eye that he is wise? Can you effect any positive change in a fool that you want to change to become wise by continuing to deceitfully heap praises on him for being intelligent in his current state of complete foolishness? No!!!

In Ghana, we often say, “Knowledge is power”. However, my White tutor once corrected me saying, “Knowledge makes you more confident”

Anyway, they both go to explain the importance of acquiring or possessing knowledge. How do we acquire knowledge? It is mostly acquired through formal education. Please note, I am not discussing the acquisition of wisdom which often comes as hereditary within a family.

Subsequently, if you are offered the chance on a silver platter to acquire intelligence, thus knowledge, will you exchange that golden opportunity for say, a hundred Ghana Cedis (GHS100) that can only last you three days?

Possession of knowledge opens all the floodgates of job employment to you. It paves the way for your life success. It is like when you feed on fish for your daily staple, is it he who provides you with fish everyday, or the one who shows you how to fish, that has saved your life forever? Think deep about this.

Let me give you a clue. If the person supplying you fish everyday falls sick for a week, what will you do? But if you know how to fish with a big lake teeming with fish close by your house, could you not go fishing to get your daily need whenever you want?

Now, the way has been paved for you to acquire knowledge free of charge through the Free Senior High School (Free SHS) education policy by a government. Another individual, or political party, aspiring to come to power is offering you say, GHS100, to buy your vote, thus, induce you to vote for them. However, they have decided to eventually cancel the free SHS when they come to power. Which of the two political parties, the one offering you knowledge through the free SHS, or the one decided to cancel it, is serving your best future interest?

Which of them is helping you to acquire knowledge that will help catapult you into the sphere of the competitive global market to better not only your personal circumstances, but also, that of your entire family and by extent your country?

The very person telling you that the provision of free SHS education is not possible, or is not good, has himself been the product of free education. This had enabled him to come to rule you.

Please Ghanaians, we have come of age so we should not continue to allow ourselves to be fooled all of the time by these political criminals. If you will allow them to take away your only life chance to becoming knowledgeable to serve you better, then it is your cup of tea.

Look, it is not the survival of the fittest or the strongest animal in the jungle that is able to survive. However, it is any of the animals that is able to adapt to the conditions of the wild life environment that survives.

If you want to survive in Ghana, please acquire knowledge, and your knowledge will be the light to shine to take you through the life’s darkest tunnel.

A word to the wise is enough.

Rockson Adofo

Saturday, 7 March 202o


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