King Faisal cries for help, says they are struggling to pay players


Ghana Premier League side King Faisal is crying for help in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic as they are struggling to pay the salaries of their players and their staff.

The club say they have used all their money to pay for the expenses of the club and the salaries of players and staff in the last couple of months but are not financially handicapped.

Speaking to Citi FM, Awal Mohammed who is the Public Relations Officer (PRO) for King Faisal spoke about the situation of the Kumasi based club.

He revealed, “Most of our monies have been matchday revenues, and because of the fact that almost two months now we have not played football in Ghana, the clubs and for that matter King Faisal, in particular, we are finding it very difficult to get some monies to run the club and pay our players”.

He further called on the Ghana Football Association (GFA) to ensure that clubs benefit from the incoming FIFA relief fund so that they can pay their players in these difficult times.

“So it will only be wise for the GFA to consider in giving some of the money to the clubs so at least it will help us in settling the salaries of the players”.


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