The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has always believed in the gullibility of the Ghanaian electorate. The party believes so much in this idea that, they have created a propaganda secretariat with a huge budget for its operations.

This secretariat is responsible for all the lies, deceptions and exaggerations to keep the party moving. Once a while, this strong propaganda machinery is activated to discredit their political opponents, the New Patriotic Party (NPP), at the same time winning the sympathy of the Ghanaian voter.

Leading up to the 2008 elections, when they realized that the Kufuor Government has done so well and they had no message for the electorate, in terms of good governance, and the NPP was heading towards victory, they devised a damaging plan. With this plan, they created bogus and fictitious bank accounts for leading and prominent NPP stalwarts at the Prudential Bank.


When this was released to the general public, they achieved their objectives. Public sentiments went up against the NPP Government to the extents that NPP party members themselves did not vote at all, and those who voted, did vote against their own party on the grounds that, some were enjoying while others were suffering.
Remember they also propagated another falsehood accusing President Kufuor for stealing Ghana’s gold bars from the Bank of Ghana vault. They succeeded in feeding the electorate with so many of these types of stories that the NPP lost the elections against all the good things the Kufuor Government implemented for Ghana.


For the 2020 elections, the NDC realized way back that based on the good policies and programmes initiated and implemented by the NPP Government, they had no chance. As a result, they came together and unanimously agreed that propaganda and lies should become their sole weapon. Realising that they could not use old faces like Fifi Kwetey, Richard Quashigah and others because of their soiled reputations, they went in for a new person, Kevin Taylor based in New York based on his aggressiveness, imaginative and communication skills.

Terms of reference given to Kevin Taylor are:
1) To attack and discredit leading NPP personalities
2) To release as many propagandistic articles as possible
3) Create internal rivalry within the NPP party
4) Promote ex-president John Mahama
5) Sow the seed of discord between Akims and the Ashantis.
For his reward, Kevin Taylor is heavily compensated in USD, a figure more than 20,000 per month.
Since his employment, Kevin Taylor has initiated scathing attacks against many NPP top personalities and other stories including the following;
Akufo Addo blows GHc 54 million on Waakye,
Kevin Taylor and Kennedy Agyapong,
Kevin Taylor and Joe Anokye,
Kevin Taylor and Ursula Owusu,
Kevin Taylor and Garby Otchere Asare Darko,
Kevin Taylor and Chairman Wontumi,
Kevin Taylor implicates NPP members in Galamsey,
Kevin Taylor and PDS,
Kevin Taylor and Aker Energy,
Kevin Taylor and Chef Justice.

Propaganda Gone Wrong

The 2008 NDC propaganda and lies succeeded partly because, all accused NPP members remained silent and never fought back. The electorate believed and the party was severely punished at the polls. This time around, all the negative attacks Kevin has thrown at NPP executives have been challenged and rebutted his concocted stories. A week to the elections and Kevin’s paymasters have evaluated his performance and concluded that he has not lived up to expectation because everything he has done has not yielded the needed results. They even believed that Mr. Martin Amidu has done a good job compared to him. Kevin Taylor is now a worried man as he has been threatened should NDC not win the December 7 elections. In addition to refunding the huge sums of monies paid to him for a job poorly executed, his life is also at stake. As a last minute effort to salvage the situation and satisfy the Mahamas, he has pleaded and promised to jam the political environment with far reaching damaging propaganda and tag of corruption using all forms of communication media to crumble the NPP party within this last week prior to elections.

Will he succeed? My advice to the Ghanaian electorate is to be smart and vote wisely. Ghana is on a path where in the coming few years the Country is going to experience massive transformations across all sectors of the economy. Let us not disrupt this amazing journey. Watch out this week, for small sized Kevin Taylor sitting comfortably or uncomfortably in his New York home is poised to cause confusion in Ghana. This is an act of uttermost DESPERATION my friends. Ignore all his attacks and lets move Ghana in the right direction.


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