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Kennedy Agyapong denies sending 1,000 NPP party loyalists to security agencies

Kennedy Agyapong has denied ever saying that he has infiltrated the various security agencies with loyalists of the incumbent NPP, mainly from his constituency.

“I didn’t categorically say I have secured 1,000 employment within the security agencies, [but] assuming I have 1,000 of my constituents within the security agencies, what is your problem?” he quizzed.

According to him, he mentioned that he has helped 1,000 constituents get jobs in various sectors and not necessarily the security agencies.

“…Fire Service, Immigration, Police, NaBCO, Ghana Gas, everywhere. What do you expect me to do, after being elected five consecutive times to Parliament by my constituents?” Kennedy Agyapong explained on Net 2 TV’s ‘The Seat’ show.

“Has it not been the employment I have secured for some of my constituents, they would have voted against me,” he explained. “It is not true, but when you actually check the employment, I have given my constituents over 1,300. I go about begging these institutions to get my constituents employed so if you won’t beg and I am begging, is that your problem?”

Kennedy Agyapong further noted that, where the Immigration base is cited is within his hometown and it is actually their family land that his kinsmen leased to the government to put up such an infrastructure.

“So they can’t employ my people?” he quizzed.

He indicated that both NPP and NDC get their people employed in public institutions such as the security services so there was nothing wrong with what he was doing.

“I will continue to seek employment for my people and if you have a problem it is your own headache,” he stressed.

Kennedy Agyapong further stated that until he was elected as an MP, the Assin Central seat was not a safe seat for the NPP and by his hard work, he would like to make the seat an NPP seat so that when he leaves Parliament, his party will continue to retain the seat.

“They should have added Assin North to my constituency so that NPP will secure both seats but as it stands now, I need to go and work for the NPP candidate at Assin North so that she wins,” he said.


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