Kasena-Nankana Municipal NABCO extends helping hand to mother of triplets

Akatabono Azongyire, a 35-year-old mother of triplets from the Kologo-Zuo community in the Kasena-Nankana Municipal Assembly of the Upper East Region has been financially supported by the Municipal Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) to start up a trade.

The office assisted her with an undisclosed amount of money to start up a food cooking business in Kologo-Zuo.

The office also donated some food items including a bag of rice, large tins of tomato paste, gallon of cooking oil and food spices to support the mother with the upkeep of her triplets.

A box of soap, two medium size bags of washing powder and other detergents were also added to the donation.

Presenting the cash and items to the mother at her residence, over 20 kilometers away from the Navrongo Township,on Wednesday, the Municipal Coordinator of NABCO, Nchor Dayelle Jacob, stated clearly that the donation was part of a series of charitable gestures the NABCO is undertaking to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the initiative.

He said the plight of the mother and her three children and how she hawked the Navrongo market with the little ones under unfavourable conditions appeared a much worry to members of the office and the Corps, who after some deliberations, chose her to benefit from their charitable outreach.

“As part of the one-year anniversary of NABCO, we are undertaking some charity works. And as part of that, we have identified a lady here who has given birth to triplets. She has been coming to our officeand we all in some way or the other know her. Especially because of how she comes to the municipal assembly tosolicit funds to take care of her children and how she roams dangerously in the market with the children.So at our meetings, we all decided that we come and visit her and the children and also present support to her. We all bought into the idea and decided to help her”.

Mr. Nchor expressed optimism in the support the NABCO has given the mother. He urged the mother to make judicious use of the startup capital so as to improve the lives of her three children.

The municipal coordinator used the opportunity to appeal to philanthropists, Non-Governmental organizations (NGOs) and corporate bodies in the region and country to come to the aid of the triplets whose mother is struggling to support their growth.

“I will like to add that if there are some people or organizations out there that can help this woman and her children, I think that will be great. Taking care of the three children is not easy at all for the woman. And looking at where she is coming from even makes it bad. The mother doesn’t have a good and supportive background. So if we can get philanthropists and NGOs to take up full responsibility of the children, it will be good”. He appealed.

Adongo Atangibike is the head of the family. He, ina speech after witnessing the presentation, thanked the NABCO for the kindness extended to his family member.

He prayed for the growth of NABCO so that more people can be assisted and supported to take care of their families.

NABCO takes charity to the War Memorial Hospital:

After a successive launch of the one-year anniversary and a skills development workshop that took the Corps through some Entrepreneurial Skills Training on Monday,the Municipal NABCO office has announced plans to pitch camp at the War Memorial Hospital in Navrongo on Friday to distribute free kits to pregnant women who come to the facility to put to bed.

The idea is to support expectant mothers who do not have the necessary kits and items before and after child birth.

According to the MunicipalCoordinator, there are instances where pregnant women are stranded at the hospital for the lack of delivery kits. A situation he describes as worrying and has therefore necessitatedtheir move to give in some support.

“on Friday, we are presenting some items to the War Memorial Hospital Maternity ward. Sometimes pregnant women go there to give birth and there are some petty things they can’t buy or don’t have. Sometimes soap, diapers, washing powder and a lot of things. So this Friday we will go there and do some presentation. What we are thinking is that we will go and set up there, any lady that gives birth and does not have some of these things then we can support her. So it will be for those that are there and may not be able to afford or don’t have these things that will be supported”.