Wednesday, April 14, 2021


Atiwa Writer Writes

The Former President, John Mahama once said “in elections era, we always tell lies to win the heart of the people. We usually know the truth but we don’t say it. We blend truth with lies in order to win elections”.

Whenever I hear members of the NDC shouting “rescue mission”, I ask myself, who is to rescue what?

Was it not John Mahama who took Ghana to IMF? If he could rescue Ghana, why did he go for IMF bailout?

Was it not John Mahama who said in 2015 that the Banking Sector was facing a lot of challenges and he blamed it on Bank of Ghana? Why is he now blaming the banking crisis on the Akufo-Addo’s government while he (Mahama) knows what the BoG has done under the current government to save depositors, should have been done under his stewardship.

Tell me, if the Mahama they are talking about is a different Mahama.

Was it not John Mahama who collaborated with Jane Opoku-Agyemang to cancel trainees allowance and vowed never to restore it even if he is to lose the 2016 elections?
Why is he promising today (after Nana Akufo-Addo restored it) that he will continue to pay it when voted for?

Was it not this same John Mahama who said Free SHS would collapse Ghana’s education system and if it would be possible, that will be in the next twenty (20) years, hence, sponsored series of adverts against it when Nana Akufo-Addo echoed it in 2016.
Why is he, in less than four (4) years, promising to add Private Schools to the Free SHS policy?
Is he not just promising for votes?

Wasn’t it this same Mahama who said in 2015 that “we have chewed all the flesh leaving the bones”. The NDC had been in power for seven (7) years when he said that. So who chewed the flesh??

Did I hear John Mahama promising to halt corrupt practices when voted for? He still believes we Ghanaians have “short memory”.

Is Ibrahim Mahama not his brother? What did John do when his brother, Ibrahim issued 44 dud cheques to GRA to clear his imported goods?

Was it not under his watch, that Ibrahim, his biological brother, was given Nyinahin bauxite for free? Wasn’t Mahama not aware??

Was it not under his watch, that his brother, Samuel Mahama (intermediary 5) collaborated with Government Official 1 (suspected to be Mahama himself) to dupe Ghana in the famous Airbus saga?? Or that does not constitute corruption?

Was it not under Mahama’s stewardship, that US$200 million was spent to build 1,500 instead of its intended 5,000 units of the affordable housing at Seglemi? What did he do?

Was he not the President when Selassie Ibrahim collaborated with Dzifa Ativor and spent Gh3.6 million to draw the heads of former Presidents on 116 buses? What did he do?

Ah, is he not the John Mahama who accepted Ford Expedition from Kanazoe in exchange of contract?

Tell me, was it not his government that placed embargo on employment for over three (3) years hence increasing the number of graduates unemployed?

Was it not under his watch, that teachers were paid three months salary after working for two years?
Is he not the one who cancelled the free utility fees for tertiary students?
Was it not this same Mahama who subjected Ghanaians to dumsor for four (4) years and told us that, if we want to enjoy utilities to our satisfaction, then we should be prepared to pay higher bills?

Politics is not a matter of affiliations, rather, the party or candidate who is visionary and has the citizens at heart.

Nana Akufo-Addo promised and has delivered Free SHS, 1D1F, 1V1D, Planting for Foods and Jobs, One Million per Constituency, out of which he procured 275 ambulances to all constituencies in Ghana.

Today, Zipline is saving lives. Road constructions are ongoing, railway lines are being developed at a speedy rate, security agencies (especially police and military) have been resourced, we have enjoyed free water for almost a year. Just to mention few.

Ghana is not sinking.
Ghana needs no rescuer.
President Akufo-Addo is on the right path and he deserves additional term to fulfill his vision in entirety.



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