John Mahama is a rebranded scammer, therefore he is very Dangerous than Coronavirus ( highly inflammable)


*John Mahama is a rebranded scammer, therefore he is very Dangerous than Coronavirus ( highly inflammable)*

My the soul of the departed assembly member at Sogakope rest in peace and my condolence to the entire family.

Now, opana John Mahama (G01) turn chief mouner to advance his dead political career in the volta region. He equally snubbed n couldn’t find the killers of the slain Nkwanta DCE, Fennec okyere, JB Danquah Adu, Amankwa Fred etc under his watch as President.
Even Adange his Gonja tribesmans funeral in Sawla…he never attended….votarians know who you’re thus why they didn’t turn up to vote in 2016 for you. By the Grace of God and better government measures in place, 3 people linked to the death of Mawutor were arrested by Akufo Addo and will surely be prosecuted.
Now it is clear that opana John Mahama (G01) is a professional racist. He has no respect for the Ashanti’s.
An NDC foot soldier was assassinated in Kumasi at the party’s office but he didn’t attend the funeral and console the family

A nurse was also assassinated in kumasi last month because the incident happened in kumasi and it involved a person from the nursing profession which u don’t have an iota of respect for, u refused to attend the funeral.

Mr.John Mahama a.k.a Government official 1 please learn to respect the Ashanti’s and nurses OK

They are also Ghanaians.

On the 6th may 2014, You made an unpresidential statement against the Ashanti’s saying ”
If we build roads with gold, Ashantis won’t appreciate”

More over you labeled the King of Ashanti as a ‘liar’.

Finally We Reserved A Seat For you in Kumasi on the 6th march But you Ignored Us”-

Right now you priotize funerals and birthdays to anything that would bring development, unity, peace and stability to mother Ghana. So may you stay in opposition forever so you can have more time to attend funerals. Even if you don’t know the person, you will show up to take advantage of them in their bereavement. Acting like you are consoling/sympathizing them but soliciting for vote. Hehehehe smart man.


Mahama is trabalistic
Mahama is ethnocentric
Mahama is a racist

…..incompetent both in government and opposition



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