John MAHAMA holds a PhD in Deceipt, Trickery and Greed – Papa Ayesu


John MAHAMA holds a PhD in Deceipt, Trickery and Greed – Papa Ayesu

According to Merriam Webster, to DECEIVE is to cause to accept as true or valid what is false or invalid. To fail to fulfill or trick peoples trust.
Like the character ‘Ananse’ in Yaw Asare’s ‘Ananse in the Land of Idiots’, former president Mahama has employed cunning tactics to get some votes from the wide awake Ghanaians , knowing the masses can’t trust him with another term and will not vote for a dead goat in the upcoming elections. Ghana can never be Mahama’s LAND OF IDIOTS. Mahama should not think he can manipulate people,not even the young ones.

He courageously embargoed employment to graduates who deserved job opportunities during his reign as president. In June 2016 at the University of Energy and Natural Resources, Mr Mahama made it clear to the graduands that his government had no jobs for them. That Government his government was not responsible for creating jobs.
We were in the country when JDM again said he was not a magician to put money in peoples pockets by engaging them in Government works. That was in 2016, November 18. He rephrased same heartbreaking statement on Wednesday, November 30, 2016 at the presidential debate Organized by NCCE at GBC ,that graduates should stop eyeing government’s jobs for his outfit was already choked because they didn’t have the requisite skills to be employed in any outfit.

The former president,who wants to write a NOV/DEC at the presidency for running error and mistake ridden administration, the man who cooked and dished worry and pain to graduates, the so-called intelligent man who through IMF hauled thousands of potential workers home for years, FOR POWER, has promised more jobs for Kayayes and the youth when he should win 2020 presidential election.

At Bono last year,the desperate man met a section of his deaf party followers and promised one district one NDC school of ideological studies if he wins the elections in 2020. Fact checked, Mahama in 6 years could only build 29 of his 200 community day schools he promised. Is it that he is empty of ideas or has gone gaga? Funds for his ill-thought out Progressively free SHS was in arrears for 2 years.

My little son watched a poster of him and said ‘Daddy look at basabasa’

Mahama cancelled allowances to about 44,000 trainee teachers and nurses, assured them of a never reverse , he’s here promising the over 3 million apprentice across the country monthly allowances to cushion their training from start to finish. It’s a shame on his integrity,or he assumes those into vocational training or trade are unintelligent?

He didn’t support Free SHS,yet he’s promising free tertiary education to all Nana Addo’s graduates who will be successful in the ongoing fully funded WASSCE and Technical examination.
Mahama claimed, through Jane Naana Opoku Agyeman,that Ghana doesn’t need free SHS now, but in 20 years.
If SHS was to be free in 20 years, Tertiary will be in the next 40 years, by the logic of the NDC.
The people of Ajumako Enyan Essiam Constituency felt bad when Mahama said the NPP Government was spending so much on FREE SHS and that he would review to cancel it after 2020.
Koku Anyidoho could not tell whether or not Mahama would win this year’s Elections. JJ Rawlings in plane language has said Mahama knows he is not for 2020. You and I know,the man is an ex-serviceman now, retired for good.

The youth who suffered indebtedness, unstable currency,high taxes(even on condoms and Cutlasses) high lending rate, 8 years of unbridled corruption,high inflation, unbearable interest rate, unemployment (leading to the formation of UNEMPLOYED GRADUATED ASSOCIATION) and four solid years of Dumsor have this record on employment to boast about ;
1. 70,000 Nurses who were jobless under Mahama are today employed
2. NaBCO – 100,000
3. Youth Employment Agency -70,000
4. Recruited 1,174 environmental health Officers
5. 2,700 Extension Officers engaged
6. 105, 350 jobs under Cocoa
7. Forestry -83, 000
8. NEIP has funded 9,350 businesses
9. Technical and vocational skill training for 11, 662 people
10. GHC 50,000 given to 500 Kayayes to fund their businesses.
11. And many more

Prospective workers see the above as a sign of hope for them and will not trade their future for John Dramani Mahama’s DECEPTION and parochial interest because they remember how life was packaged to them under him.

To John Mahama, Ghanaians have very short memories-he will buy votes through gifts and deceipt will give him a blurred second chance.

2020 is a sure Second round for Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo and a sure win for Dr Rashid Kwesi Etuaful, Parliamentary Candidate for Ajumako Enyan Essiam Constituency.


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