John Mahama Disrespects Traditional Ruler of Sefwi Kwambikrom


John Mahama Disrespects Traditional Ruler of Sefwi Kwambikrom

Tuesday 6th of October 2020 will be recorded in history as the most shameful day in the annals of Sefwi Kwambikrom history.

The Bright Tuesday unexpectedly turned into a nightmare for the people of Sefwi Kwambikrom when their chief was stopped in his tracks by John Dramani Mahama from making a speech at a durbar of chiefs at Sefwi Kwambikrom.
John Mahama is currently embarking on a four day campaign tour to the Western North.

At Sefwi Kwambikrom John Mahama was scheduled to address the people at a durbar at 3:10pm.
Typical of such functions, the traditional ruler of the area make statements.
Unfortunately, at Sefwi Kwamebikrom, John Mahama blatantly despised the traditional protocol of the area.

When the MC called on the chief to address his people, the flag bearer of the National Democratic Congress, quickly jump in the chief and said “Nana I won’t allow you to speak because I already know what the people of Sefwi Kwambikrom need”. This did not go down well with the inhabitants of Sefwi Kwambikrom as they consider the act of the Former president an utter disrespect and disregard for their Chief.

The chief was visibly dismayed and
started shaking his head to the full glare of the public when John Mahama made those statements.

The people who were already disappointed following the 5 hours delay of John Mahama could not fathom why their chief was denied to speak after they had waited for five hours.

A member of the Unit Committee (name withheld) expressed his disappointments. He stated that, the long held view of the people that the NDC does not respect nor regard their Chief was evident during the program.

The program which was scheduled to start at 3:10pm stated at 8:00pm.


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