By Koshie Lamptey

Desire for the chant for the right and orderliness of a society has always been the normalcy by the public even by its naysayers, but same desire for the enforcement of the law to help achieve it has always been the problem, and has always had serious opposition. In fact, this has always drew great enemies and attacks to who ever wants or had wanted to lead such an important agenda for the benefit of the entire nation.

The above is a similar fate which President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo is currently facing.

President Nana Addo from the onset of his rule has always proven a great zeal of commitment to hazardously fight against any negative status quo or cancerous activity that can aid with strengthening corrupt and illegal activities with the tendency of crippling the overall growth of the country, without even sparing his close affiliates.

But such commitment by the President to see a clean and prosperous Ghana has not been taken lightly by the gluttonous and selfish people of the land who only want to make themselves rich at the back of illegalities and sufferings of the citizens of Ghana. It is for this reason why the President is seriously being wished destruction by the Pharisees of the general development of Ghana which has A-Plus and Nam 1 arrogating themselves very key roles to help with the execution of such a diabolic agenda against the Hezekiah of the land.

Kwame Asare Obeng popularly known as A-Plus and the CEO of the embattled gold dealership firm, Menzgold Ghana Limited; Nana Appiah Mensah well known as NAM 1 are very firm and poised with their role in the execution of this evil, traitorous and Ghanaian unfriendly agenda against President Nana Addo because A-Plus is seriously peeved with President Nana Addo for not allowing him to engage in his numerous proposed and other envisioned corrupt activities under an allowance and protection of him by the President. Likewise, NAM 1 is burning with rage toward the President for not allowing him to continue duping Ghanaians, and also engage in his numerous other forms of illegal businesses and transactions as he was allowed under the previous government led by former President John Dramani Mahama.

Currently as it stands now, because of the reasons stated above, A-Plus and NAM 1 have respectively made President Nana Addo an avowed enemy of theirs, in fact, they hate the President with so much passion that they are prepared to do anything to see his exit.

This respective haboured hatred by both A-Plus and NAM 1 is known to us to have been the reason to have brought the two together to execute an agenda to help achieve their common interest. They eventually got the full support of John Mahama after John Mahama found their field of interest conducive enough to sow his mischievous seed to help him reap his desired goal of the election 2020 Presidential victory agenda.

We know for sure that this whole collaboration between the two backed by John Mahama to see President Nana Addo fall was started through a meeting between some allies of NAM 1 and A-Plus after NAM 1 initiated the move through a phone call to A-Plus to pursue such an agenda.

After the initiation of the call by NAM 1, the allies of NAM 1 and A-Plus have met face to face for seven (7) times, five (5) in reputable hotels and two (2) at some private residences. We are very much aware of the initial cheque of about 70,000 dollars out of the promised 300,000 dollars which has passed from the camp of NAM 1 to A-Plus. We are also in the known of the funding of the media and other costs of the agenda by John Mahama in addition to the numerous promises he has made to both A-Plus and NAM 1 if they are able to stick to the agenda and through that help him win the 2020 general elections.

Some of the responsibilities they have assigned A-Plus is for him to heighten his media bashing of the President and the New Patriotic Party (NPP), turn the Menzgold customers against the President, mobilize and psych up the youth against the President through the formation of youth groups, and others which we will reveal in the subsequent articles.

Koshie Lamptey

Mr Kelly Brown

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      • John Doe Reply

        19:23 | 7 Jul, 2019

        Some people are simply fixated at destroying former president Mahama, they are making the man look extremely good. They attribute every bad thing to Mahama when it's obvious their actions and inactions is the result of their predicament. Please tell the government to do the needful instead of this propagandish rubbish.

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