Perhaps the best explanation or defence we must put forth for the disagreement or bad blood between our Founder, Chairman Rawlings and his party, the NDC, is to reveal the source of the problem.

Rawlings’ only problem was that the next NDC administration after his, did not go aggressively after J. A. Kufuor’s NPP govt., which JJR thought was full of crooks, and against whom Prez. Mills must avenge how that NPP administration had harassed him (JJR) and his wife Nana Konadu.

Prez. Mills rejected that stand as a principle, and JJR did not take it lightly at all. JJR concluded that by failing to prosecute and jail the “NPP thieves” of that era, Prez. Mills’ NDC administration itself might have been corrupt.

The NDC govt at that time had a great difficulty in defending itself and Prez. Mills from JJR’s incessant attacks. In the process, a few of our communicators had sounded somehow disrespectful.

All that ended when Prez. Mills had passed away and JM took over the reign of government. JM did a lot to reach out to our Founder, and it did work largely, and it could have been far better but for the political activities of Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlngs on one hand, and the exploitation of the issues by the vindictive NPP.

But not withstanding all of these, JJR remained our revered Founder and was consulted regularly by JM on all important decisions of the party until his suspicious demise recently.

It is obvious that only the NDC can promote and protect the legacy of Chairman Rawlings. The NPP, which is even trying very hard to obliterate the memory and achievements of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah WILL NOT ever protect the JJR legacy, and cannot be trusted for anything close.

If Nana Konadu shall refuse to acknowledge this, I would wish to call on Hon. Ezanetor Rawlings, who is a NDC MP, and becoming a leading member of the party to openly, publicly, and boldly, but respectfully, call out her mother on this and state her very clear disagreement with her mother on the subject. It is very important. We can not continue to only presume her position. She owes the party an emphatic statement on the issues.


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