When a confused person gets crushed by his own misdeed, the first thing he tries to do is to point accusing fingers by seeking to connect people to” his down fall”.

Such people ,In their feeble attempts to falsify redemption for themselves, they end up by making mockery of their intelligence and the very womb that brought them to this world. James Kofi Anan is indeed sinking.

On 10th March, Mr Benjamin Ackah lodged a criminal complaint against one busy body who prides himself as winneba is king. The complaint we are told was lodged at the winneba police station.

According to Chief Superintendent Okanta, immediately they received the complaint against the CEO of challenging heights, a preliminary investigation was conducted which occasioned a prema-facie evidence of stealing and dishonestly receiving an amount GHC 10000.00.

It must be noted, however, that in every criminal investigation, once a prima-facie is established, it paves way for further investigations. A prima-facie evidence is one which on the surface of the record(s) could lead to a conviction if nothing is led to rebut it. See[ Tagor v The Republic].

Stealing and dishonestly receiving are offenses rooted in the criminal offences Act,1960(Act 29). According to the Winneba District Police, after their preliminary inquiry, they invited James Kofi Annan but he opted not to honour it for no obvious reason.

It is also on record that, when James Kofi Annan declined his third invitation, the police arrested him and charged him for stealing contrary to section 124 of the criminal offences Act,1960(Act 29) and dishonestly receiving contrary to section 147 of Act 29.

Even before his arrest which took place in the afternoon, he organised a press conference in the morning and accused the Winneba police of doing the bidding of his perceived political opponent in the Effutu Constituency.

According to his press statement, what he is going through is in respect of the fact that he is set to lock horns with Hon.Alexander Kwamena Afenyo-Markin in the upcoming general elections.

His claims that, the police investigation into his criminal conduct is a smearing campaign against him cannot be true in the sense that in 2012, Hon.Alexander Kwamena Afenyo-Markin contested Hon.Mike Hammah who was the then sitting Member of Parliament for Effutu and a minister, at no point in time did any one lodge a criminal complaint against him.(Hon.Mike Hammah)

Even in 2016, Mr Eric Don Arthur contested Hon.Alexander Kwamena Afenyo-Markin in the general elections, also at no point in time did any one go to the police to lodge a compliant against him. So what is James Kofi Annan telling us? That because he is seeking to contest Hon.Afenyo-Markin, what he is going through is masterminded! James Kofi Annan must be told that he carries no weight in the Effutu Constituency and no one has his time..

James Kofi Annan also made claims that, upon their own investigations, they established that, one Mr Benjamin Ackah who lodged the complaint against him appears to have some strong links with the current Member of Parliament for Effufu.

Out of cluelessness, Kofi Annan in his disjointed press statement, was not able to explain how the ” suspected linkage” came about. The busy body must be told that, seeking to rope in Hon. Alexander Kwamena Afenyo-Markin in his debacle would not give him redemption. Neither would same exonerate him of what is hanging on his neck.

If Kofi Annan really wanted to lead the NDC in the upcoming general elections, why didn’t he contest in their primaries? Something indeed doesn’t add up.

Dawda Eric(Equity)
Citizen Vigilance for Justice
19th March,2020


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