It is better to invest in healthcare than import stone to build cathedral – A Plus


Vociferous political activist and leader of The People’s Project (TPP), Kwame Asare Obeng, affectionately called A Plus, has launched a fresh attack on the leadership of this country, for their refusal to govern in the interest of people.

A Plus, in a lengthy write-up on his Facebook page, said, now that even politicians would be denied entry into foreign countries for medical care in times of sickness, due to the COVID-19, our leaders have realised that “is it better to invest money and resources into better healthcare in Ghana than importing stone to build a cathedral”.

The firebrand NPP member believes there’s is no way people living in the northern sector of the country will survive if the coronavirus spreads there, as according to him, “these human beings, our brothers and sister live at the mercy of God almighty”.

He said over the years, leaders from the previous and current administrations have all campaigned and attained votes up north but it is sad Ghanaians living in the part of the country have been left to their fate.

“John Mahama has campaigned in these areas many times. Akufo Addo has campaigned in these areas many times. In fact, for 28 years, NDC and NPP have campaigned in these areas and people have supported, queued and fought each other to vote and protect votes for them. Sadly, these guys have been left to their fate”, portions of A Plus’ post read.

“The politicians thought they were superior because they have the means to afford healthcare abroad so they don’t care about the masses. Unfortunately for them, coronavirus is a no respecter of wealth or status. No matter how rich or powerful you are, you won’t be accepted in any hospital abroad. Both the rich and the poor must remain in their respective countries and treat themselves with the health system they have created over the years”, said A Plus.

“This situation must be a lesson to our leaders”, the post added.

He said one day, nature will severely punish the leaders for their refusal to build better healthcare facilities and disease control and prevention centres but rather used the state funds for their selfish gains.

“Henceforth, If we don’t build better healthcare facilities and put money into disease control and prevention but decide to waste money every four years on a new voters register, spend twelve million dollars gallivanting around the world, buy expensive V8s and pay MPs fat exgrasia every four years, one day, those who can afford and those who can’t shall come together, hold hands and look each other in the eyes, blame ourselves and die together like animals in our motherland. If you refuse to think, nature has a nice way of forcing you to do so or punish you severely”, he fumed.

He cautioned: “This should be a wakeup call to Africa, especially Ghanaian leaders”.


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