Is Using Taxpayers’ Money to Cater for a President’s Numerous Side-Chicks his Constitutional Right or Privilege?


I know the President of the Republic of Ghana is accorded many rights and powers by the nation’s 1992 Constitution. The President enjoys free accommodation, free essential utilities, free local and international healthcare, free food, free travels both within and outside the country, free security protection for himself and family. The list of his freebies is long. He enjoys per diem when he travels outside the country, although his travel expenses of any sort are catered for by Ghana and the country inviting him depending on the occasion.

I want to know from the Ghanaian public if the President is also granted the right or privilege to purchase luxury cars and/or build mansions for his numerous girlfriends, charge them to the Ghanaian taxpayers? There is currently an ongoing feud between two of his side-chicks, Mzbel (music actress) and Tracey Boakye (film actress). Nobody really understands what their beef is. However, Tracey Boakye claims how prosperous she is, being catered for by the man in the centre of their feud, allegedly former President John Dramani Mahama.

Tracey Boakye claims she is probably at number fifteen on the long list of the President’s concubines and from the way she is rich, possessing luxury cars and mansions, the old concubines before her are far richer. Concluding from her assertions, one wonders where Mr Mahama gets all that money to buy such expensive cars and build mansions for his many girlfriends from.

In terms of satisfying his insatiable libido, having many side-chicks, he could well be the modern day Ghana King Solomon, but only in possessing many concubines but not in wisdom, public readers must get this clear.

Sometime ago, Madam Akua Donkor revealed on Kofi TV that should former President Mahama dare her, she will reveal about a hundred houses he has used state money to build for himself. How can this man be so greedy? Does he think when he passes away money, women and houses will be put into his coffin to take to the underworld or wherever he will be going to return to the land of the living no more?

All that I want to know from those more knowledgeable of the Ghana 1992 Constitution and politics is simply thus, does the Constitution grant the President, as a womaniser as he is, unable to zip up his trousers when he sees women, the right to use state money to cater affluently for his side-chicks?

I can only see him as abusing his position. However, until I get the answer, I can only advise fellow Ghanaians not to make a mistake by electing him for the presidency come election 7 December 2020. The money he is using on his girlfriends, probably being the cause of his avarice, involving himself in corruption and bribery allegations, could well be used for other things of collective benefit to Ghanaians.

I know for a fact most Ghanaian men are by nature promiscuous. They love sexual intercourse more than they may want to see their conditions of living made better. If it were not so, the Ghanaian airwaves will not be inundated with advertisements on sexual enhancers. Nevertheless, for a President to use state money to satisfy his animalistic sexual drive is “adabraka”, by courtesy of Kwesi Pratt Jnr.

For his disgraceful womanising culminating in using Ghana’s money senselessly on his side-chicks, former President cum presidential-candidate John Dramani Mahama, is unfit for the presidency. I am not a moralist but to spend the nation’s money on feuding girlfriends amounts to short-changing Ghanaians.

Are those pimping for him not being equally offered the chance to partake his largess?  What about his numerous fake pastors and prophets like Badu Kobi and Nigel Gaisie? In fact, former President Mahama is a total disgrace to the image of mother Ghana.

Rockson Adofo


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