Is it Right for Litigation over a WILL to Linger in Ghana Court for over Twenty Years?


I really wonder why not only peculiar to, but weird things, do keep happening in, Ghana, my dear motherland. The judges of the country’s courts are so corrupt in every sense of the word that despite all obstructions, a litigation over a WILL made by now a deceased father to give his Kumasi property to his children should not continue in a Kumasi High Court for over twenty years now without a pronouncement of a judgment within sight.

The case is called for hearing almost every month with intermittent breaks for months without the various judges that have sat, and are sitting, on, it, able to declare a ruling. What is going on, one may ask? Your guess is as good as mine. It could be nothing other than corruption being the cause of the dilly dallying in pronouncing a verdict for all these years. That is how bad the judicial system of Ghana has become.

One cannot get their head around this ongoing problem knowing that there is a law on intestate succession in the country known as the 1985 PNDC Law 111. This law deals with the distribution of the estate of a person who dies without a testamentary disposition of self-acquired property.

Nonetheless, in the case under discussion there is a written WILL, thus a testamentary disposition of the decedent’s property. What then is happening, if I may ask Ghana court judges?

There is always a solution as it is said, “Where there’s is a will there’s a way”. This case will be escalated to the attention of the General Legal Council through a petition in the coming days. The concerned irresponsible judges should not be allowed to continue to have a field day as if nothing works in Ghana despite the general observation that justice in Ghana courts is always sold to the highest bidder.

It is annoying that most Ghanaian judges have proved themselves unprofessional, corrupt and shamefully discreditable. If that was not the case, how come that this litigation is pending in the court for all these years?

Can anyone explain to me why a litigation over a WILL must trend in the court for over twenty years without the assurance of declaration of verdict any time soon? It is only in Ghana or in Africa that such nonsense can prevail without anyone doing anything about it. However, having had enough of the nonsense, I shall be taking action against the judge, come what may.

I shall be waging war on the official injurious corruption in Ghana, highly motivated by the lessons learnt from the ongoing outbreak of novel coronavirus pandemic. I have to save Ghana from the hands of our corrupt politicians, judges, traditional overlords and the security agents.

Rockson Adofo

Saturday, 2 May 2020


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