Asutifi South Constituency is in the news once again for a reason that is tasteless. Collins Dauda has repeated the rituals which have defined the area every election period.

Once again, his gun and machete wielding thugs terrorized innocent citizens of the Constituency, especially those who are members of the ruling NPP.

I must also add that they attacked the strongholds of the NPP yesterday to put the fear of God in them. Guns were shot, people sustained injuries including the constituency organizer for the NPP.

Many a patriot read the news with disgust, wondering why a ruling party would allow its members to be subjected to such an obnoxious ordeal. While I may not disagree substantially with these pockets of concerns from party members, it is also important to point out that we all have agreed to the fact that violence in our elections should end.

The vigilante law, I recall, is in effect, so anybody so minded to keep it sacred would not dishonour same with such violent eruptions.

The NDC, not long ago, put pen to paper to agree with the dictates of the bill which has since been passed into law. Why would Collins Dauda disregard this law by importing thugs into his area to visit such mayhem on these innocent people?

The Peace Council, civil society organizations, human rights lawyers and advocates, the apostles of peace, have all gone quiet over this matter. No condemnation whatsoever has been heard from these groups.

This chilling silence of the above-mentioned groups is worrying in that if this had come from the NPP, the condemnations would have been swift and deadly. Why treat Collins Dauda as a god who cannot be touched by our laws?

Should there be a retaliatory reprisal, I am sure these groups would wake up from their slumber. Collins Dauda has been engaging in these acts for years. He does this to put fear in people and uses same methods to win elections. I believe the time to put this nonsense to an end is now. The laws of the land must not slumber on him!

We must not lose sight of the fact that when people are oppressed and frustrated for far too long, they erupt like volcanoes and the violence they may unleash as a result may not be the one of normalcy but gloom and perdition! Stop Collins Dauda and his nonsense now!

P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.


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