Invite Togoland separatists for talks, don’t meet them with violence – Kofi Bentil to gov’t


Member of Ghanaian think tank Imani Ghana has advised government to resist the temptation of meeting attacks by members of Western Togoland secessionists group today with violence as that would only increase their appeal.

This follows attacks by the separatists on several towns in the Volta region and blocking of the Sogakope main road leading to a brief period of unrest which the security forces have put under control.

Taking to social media, the Business strategy lecturer and consultant told the government to instead, invite the leader of the group, octogenarian Papavi Hogbedetor to listen their concerns.

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He posited that government taking that bold step will diffuse the case of the Movement and consequently help maintain the tranquility we enjoy as a nation.

Giving Papavi a hearing will diffuse their case. Violence will increase their appeal. What will it take to instruct the VR Minster to invite them and listen to them?” he wrote.


A video report of today’s attacks which has resulted in one death, injury the arrest of 30 separatists has been attached below.



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