Investigate pastors who use English to preach – Kumchacha challenges Kennedy Agyapong


Prophet Kumchacha has disclosed that there are some Men of God in Ghana and outside who are fake but just because they speak the white man’s language, Ghanaians don’t notice how bad they are.

He said those Pastors go unnoticed because of their language, however, they that speak the local dialect during their church activities are the most attacked in the public.

Prophet Kumchacha added that such pastors use smart ways to steal from their members such as selling items especially their written books at outrageous prices to members of their church.

Kumchacha went on to say comparing such pastors to the local ones that sell anointing oils to their members, there is really a vast difference.

Although Kumchacha didn’t mention names of such prophets in Ghana but taking into consideration the communication situation, acclaimed men of God who speak big English like Mensa Otabil, Duncan Williams can’t be excluded from the list.

Regardless, Kumchacha saluted Hon. Kennedy Agyapong for helping shine the eyes of Christians and instill spiritual self-reliance in them.

Watch the video below:


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