During the 2008 campaign when former president Mahama was then the Vice Presidential candidate, he rubbished the NPP’s claim of being infrastructural champions by saying “for the NPP to tell Ghanaians that, they have constructed roads, hospitals, bridges, schools and other physical projects, is an exercise in mediocrity. Every government does it”.

Even at that time, the NPP had initiated and implemented social policies such as Free Basic education, Health Insurance, Mass Cocoa Spraying, Free Maternal Healthcare and among others.

Certainly, Mahama’s statement was convincing because governance goes beyond the provision of infrastructure to that of thinking beyond the traditional box in order to implement policies geared towards liberating the masses from the quagmire of abject poverty (this, the Kuffour’s government did excellently).

What baffles the minds of Ghanaians is the fact that, Mahama who saw infrastructural achievements as “exercise in mediocrity”, is today, having his campaign message revolving around infrastructural development achieved under the regime of the NDC (2009-2016).

Key issues in governance, aside the provision of infrastructure, include economic management, initiation and implementation of social policies, security, job creation, effective institutions, provision and effective delivery of social amenities (water, electricity), issues of accommodation, talents development and honour and recognition at the international level.

Limiting the 2020 campaign to infrastructural achievements which Mahama termed “exercise in mediocrity”, Dr. Bawumia has proved that the Akufo-Addo’s government has undertaken infrastructural development in its first term than any other governments in the history of Ghana.

In terms of the provision and effective delivery of social amenities, Ghanaians remember how they were subjected through dumsor by the Mahama led NDC for a period of four (4) years.

Ghanaians remember how the cost of utilities soared under Mahama’s government to a level that surpassed the cost of accommodation.

In terms of social policies, the Mahama government has no record.

To the dismay of Ghanaians, John Mahama who is a beneficiary of Free education, ridiculed Nana Akufo-Addo’s promise to implement the Free SHS policy.

Considering the rate of Mahama’s inconsistency, it will be disastrous to vote him to power again because he will make a turn to tell Ghanaians that he did not promise what he promised.

In governance, it is better to entrust your mandate into the hands of a man who walks his talks.
In this regard, President Akufo-Addo is the only one we can trust.
He promised Free SHS in 2008. He reiterated in 2012 and he implemented in 2017 when voted to power.
This is a man we can trust.



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