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Impact officers positively – Major General Oppong-Peprah to military officers

The Chief of Staff of the Ghana Armed Forces, Major General Thomas Oppong-Peprah, has admonished senior military officers to leave lasting impacts over the officers they serve than lording over them.

According to him, officers should not only be interested in certificates and accolades but how their lives impact positively on others.

“It is important that as leaders, we make an impact on the lives of those we serve or administer,” he said, stressing “It is not the certificate and accolades alone, because the world does not pay men for what they know, they pay them for what they do.”

In addition, he said, “So try to leave lasting legacies for your officers and men to see so they give glory to the father above.”

Annual Ball

Maj Gen Oppong-Peprah was speaking at the 37 Military Hospital Officers’ Mess 2019 end of year Annual Ball ceremony on Friday, February 7, 2020 in Accra.

The colourful ceremony brought together retired officers and men, civilian employees and families to dine and wine as part of efforts to strengthening family ties with the command.

Maj Gen Oppong-Peprah noted that having being in the military for over three decades, what he had learnt was for officers to be humble and remained focused, saying “so remained humble and focused; you shall succeed.”

He further admonished the officers not to be deterred by false accusations and slanderous publications so far as they were doing the right thing.


He said the year 2019 brought its own challenges in all aspects of the military work and that the 37 Military Hospital as a medical outfit had its own share of the challenges.

Maj Gen Oppong-Peprah pointed out that “the increased national dependence on the 37 Military Hospital for medical services brought a lot of pressure on the aging and in some cases, officers’ equipment at the hospital.”

That, he said, the Ministry of Defense in conjunction with the Military High Command as well as their partners were taking all necessary steps to address operational and administrative challenges of the hospital in order to enhance healthcare delivery at the facility.”

He said as a vital health facility with increased national dependence, it was necessary for the hospital to be well resource by acquiring appropriate equipment to enhance medical service delivery at the hospital.

Maj Gen Oppong-Peprah, therefore, commended all staff at the facility for working tirelessly in spite of all the challenges they faced to delivery improved healthcare services.

“I also salute our retired officers, men, doctors, nurses and other civilian employees for their contributions towards the 37 military hospital as a centre of excellence,” Maj Gen Oppong-Peprah said.


The President of the Mess Committee (PMC), Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Hobenu, said “the 37 Military Hospital Officers’ Mess has grown over the period to become one of the vibrant messes within the Ghana Armed Forces.”

He said the mess did not only serve the interest of the officers at the hospital but its honorary members.

He explained that although the mess had been improved over the years through dues collection, it needed partnership from philanthropists and organisations to help make the place more conducive for its users.

“It is obvious that there is still more to be done and I would like to use this occasion to appeal to philanthropists and organisations to partner us to continue improving the mess to make it a place to be for all of us,” Lieut Col Hobenu stated.

He said the mess had plans to add swimming pool, gym and long tennis court to the facility, saying “I’d like to mention that our swimming pool, long tennis and gym are still on paper and we hope our partners will help to put them on the ground.”


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