Immediate Release from the Communication Directorate of Independent Presidential Candidate,
Mr. Jacob Osei Yeboah (JOY)

In response to your release dated, 30th January, 2020 with the title “OBSERVATIONS FROM TODAY’S IPAC MEETING WITH THE EMINENT ADVISORY COMMITTEE OF THE ELECTORAL COMMISSION”, the Communication Directorate of Joy2020 campaign office, wishes to inform your office that, you are forgiven for your display of total ignorance.

As a Think-Tank, we expect your articles and actions to be critical, intellectually oriented and not base on poor judgement and lack of common sense capacity. A Think-Tank institution, goes beyond the ordinary, it is an institution that produce critical thought in all matters relating to local, national and international interests.
Now let’s assist you in reference to some key areas you wrote on.

I. Your release seem to suggests that, Mr. Yeboah does not have the massive support to enable him express his views on issues of national concern and that it limit his intellectual capacity because of numbers of the majority. Is that your level of intelligence? Then please, check the records to find out, how much votes he gathered, at the last presidential election and compare it to your numbers, then and only you will understand, why you have done yourselve a great disservice to your intellectual capacity and your office. If even JOY got more than 15,000 in the last election, are you telling us, all your CSOs under your coalition are more than even 2,000? If the answer is no, of which I know it is, then our question is, between the two of us, JOY and CSOs, who really deserve the ears of the EAC and Ghanaians?

2. You compared a twice presidential candidate, with an engneering background with an aspirant with a farming background, question, where is the intellectual dignity in that?

3. IPAC is meant for political parties and political institutions, are you an NGO or a pseudo political institution? So of what reason have you to condenm EAC for not allowing CSOs to speak at the just ended extended IPAC meeting?

4.Out of the six parties you mentioned in your release, namely, NPP, NDC, CPP, PNC, PPP and the APC that, you claimed were vibrant and active in the last election, one of them was disqualified in the last presidential election, the other two were also disqualified, but for the intervention of some legal supports, they would have been disqualified from the presidential election. With all due respect to these parties, as stated one of them was disqualified from the last presidential race, if they were “active and vibrant” as you said, then why did they fail to qualify?
On what basis do you conclude that a political party that failed to qualify for an election, is more vibrant than an independent candidate who qualified on two occasions? Or perhaps more vibrant than a political party that qualified? You also failed to mention NDP that also qualified for 2016 elections and other political parties that support the EC.

Further, since 1992 to present, which political party in Ghana, aside
NPP and NDC ever polled more than 200 thousand in a presidential and parliamentary election?
At least, we now understand, why some CSO’s cook up figures to please their pay masters. Gather your facts please CSOs.

Well as a Think Tank, think, analyse critically before you write or talk?
We would have loved to allow Mr. Yeboah to debate your coalition CSOs on the New BVR, but the display of your ignorance is unthinkable and therefore we will forgive you and encourage you to learn and understand what makes a Think-Tank a power house of wisdom.

Note: Never write under stress or pressure, but always, write under free mind. God bless and peace.

From the Communication Directorate
Joy2020 Campaign Office


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