IMANI explains how NPP scored 59.54% on 2016 manifesto commitments for agric


Policy think tank, IMANI Africa has published details of how a score of 59.54% was given to the governing New Patriotic Party’s commitment to the 2016 manifesto promises on agriculture.

According to IMANI Africa, regardless of the significant contribution of the agricultural sector to the Ghanaian economy, the country is still struggling to expand its agricultural export earnings beyond cocoa as well as reduce its over-dependence on imported foods.

“The government scored 59.54% in the agricultural sector using the IMANIFesto assessment tool, which implies satisfactory progress of the implementation of the campaign promises.

“A further assessment indicates that the government performed best on improved seeds and fertilizer, with a score of 88%. The government has executed 74% of its promises in the development of cocoa,” the think tank explained.

The policy think tank scores a governing party’s performance under various sectors of the economy each year under the IMANIFesto initiative.

The overall score it gave to the NPP, after assessing all of its 510 manifesto promises was 56.77%, which it rates as “fairly satisfactory.”

The IMANIFesto is a framework that assesses political parties’ manifestos using a coding system comprised of quantitative indicators.

It analyses the status of implementation of pledges contained in the manifesto of the ruling party, the feasibility of manifestos presented by political parties before elections and the impact of their promises on the livelihood of citizens.


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